10 Garage House Gems Every Dancer And DJ Should Know

Garage House
Hard Wax's Finn Johannsen shares his expertise on garage house, the soulful vocal-led style of US house inspired the Paradise Garage and the Warehouse.

The basic elements of house have been the same since its dawn in the mid-1980s: a vocalist and an instrumental. Of course, that isn’t a surprising combination considering that the genre continued the traditions soul and disco started in the mid-’70s. Well-regarded DJ, Hard Wax records staple and dance music expert Finn Johannsen has published an ongoing chronological mix series consisting of his favorite vocal house records, which makes him a solid source for information about garage house, a style that takes its name from the seminal nightclubs Paradise Garage and the Warehouse. Here, he shares a few overlooked gems to compile an expert’s guide to the sub-genre. From here on out, the text you’ll see is all him.

Cover photo via Emaze.


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