Tour Lisbon's Creative Scene With Príncipe Discos' DJ Marfox – Telekom Electronic Beats

Tour Lisbon’s Creative Scene With Príncipe Discos’ DJ Marfox

One of Lisbon's visionary producers from the Príncipe crew names the most compelling reasons to visit the Portuguese capital.

Lisbon is a tough city if you live in its suburbs. The city center has a lot to offer, but there’s an invisible wall between it and the periphery. All of us in Príncipe Discos come from more or less the same area in the periphery, where many locals have never even been. I was born in Quinta da Vitória, a bairro in the Portela province that was torn down in 2013 and moved to Quinta do Mocho, another housing project where I’ve lived ever since. There are no real structures for clubbing or anything like that where we live. We used to have a lot of proper parties around 2006 or 2007 that went till 9 a.m. with pounding beats. But there was too much confusion involved; people were getting too drunk and having too many fights. At some point the DJs stopped playing because people didn’t respect the party. They came to fight.

Since then I’ve toured in Europe, the US, Brazil, and even Africa, where the Príncipe sounds are rooted. Sometimes I get the feeling that the people in the audience have never heard kuduro or batida in their lives, and we—DJ Nigga Fox, DJ Firmeza and the others in the Príncipe crew—are very happy to push the sound outside of Lisbon. We like showing a new side to the city and its diversity. In the past I was just one random name on the bill, now it feels like I’m the guy that represents a musical movement and who has the opportunity to show that really something new going on in Lisbon.

DJ Marfox will play back to back with DJ Firmeza tonight, July 5, at  Prince Charles for Native Instruments’ Native Sessions: Tropical Frequencies party. Find the full lineup and details here. Cover photo of DJ Marfox by Marta Pina.