Depeche Mode & Grizzly


We’ve got something pretty special for today’s Mix of the Day. We’ve recruited our friend and long-time Depeche Mode fan Grizzly to craft a special mix entitled D.M.T (that’s Depeche Mode Tribute, by the way). Clocking in at 99 minutes, it features a comprehensive selection of DM material across all eras, from the undisputed classics to a slew of stranger nuggets that may have slipped the collective memory. Grizzly also veers off-canon, throwing some solo Martin L. Gore tracks in for your pleasure. Made by a fan, for the fans, think of it as a Depeche Ode.

Grizzly is a Berlin-based DJ and synth pop connoisseur. You can find more of DJ mixes on his blog.

01. Intro (Unknown)
02. Black Celebration
03. New Life
04. Black Day
05. Stripped
06. Waiting For The Night
07. Clean
08. The Landscape Is Changing
09. It’s No Good
10. Love In Itself
11. Now, This Is Fun
12. And Then…
13. Shame
14. The Things You Said (101 Version)
15. Lie To Me
16. Everything Counts
17. New Dress
18. Policy Of Truth
19. Martin L. Gore – Compulsion
20. Blasphemous Rumours
21. People Are People
22. Interlude #2 Crucified
23. Here Is The House
24. Told You So
25. Personal Jesus
26. Martin L. Gore – Gone
27. Photographic
28. Painkiller