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The Clubs and Artists Bringing New Life to Russian Techno

Russian Cómeme regular Philipp Gorbachev introduces us to some of the clubs, promoters and artists spearheading a new dawn of dance music in Russia.

I moved from Russia to Berlin in 2010. At that time, Moscow club promoters were skeptical of the kind of music I was making, and I had no venue where I could truly speak out. But recently, people in Moscow have begun to approach music in a way that sounds honest to themselves and the people around them. There’s no established music industry, no strict rules; there’s a collectively felt necessity to create something new. The context in Russia is very tough, but to see all these crazy people doing crazy things on the dance floor is really something that I couldn’t have even dreamed a couple of years ago.

As is clear from this brief survey of up-and-coming venues, promoters, DJs and dance-related acts from Russia and neighboring Ukraine, there’s a big contrast between what you see on television or hear from politicians and what’s happening on Russian dance floors. The club scene doesn’t represent the posh Moscow of high heels and pink Bentleys; it’s a growing alternative to commercialization and oil-industry standards of living. People are dancing and partying in a way that has some independent spirituality, and production crews are taking care of the artists and supporting their needs and vision. That has a positive impact on society. When you’re performing in a club nowadays, you have a feeling that you’re doing something good. I think it’s essential that Russian artists like those included here get proper exposure in Europe, though. If politicians instigate wars and embargoes, they’re throwing our progress back in time. There is no need to make a wall between people who share the same love for music, especially with our global access to music and knowledge.

Philipp Gorbachev’s latest single, The Weeping Tune, is out now on PG Tune.