Ben Klock And Marcel Dettmann Team Up For Ostgut Ton’s 100th Release

The revered techno DJs have once again hit the studio together.

2017 is already shaping up to be a pretty interesting year for music fans. Now it seems that techno heads and Berghain regulars alike have something pretty special to look forward too: Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann have teamed up as Dettmann|Klock to record Phantom Studies, a 40-minute collaborative EP that will mark the 100th release on Berghain’s in-house label Ostgut Ton. No clips up at the moment, but judging from the liner notes, we have a feeling this one is going to sound pretty bangin’.

Phantom Studies drops on January 27. Pre-order your copy here. Scroll below for artwork and a full tracklist.


A1. Phantom Studies
B1. No one Around
B2. The Room
C1. Prophet Man
C2. Bad Boy
D1. The World Tonight
D2. The Tenant

Published on 18:15 Berlin time


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