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Dance Music Would Not Be The Same Without These 10 Legendary Clubs

From acid house to dubstep, these venues birthed many of your favorite sounds.

Electronic music may be a global phenomenon, but the origins of many of the genres spun in clubs and at festivals around the world are way more local than you think. While some styles’ names bare the source of their origins—like Belgian new beat or Detroit techno, for example—the genesis of many huge musical movements often began at the margins and in strange locations and venues. UK garage, for example, was born from parties thrown on Sunday mornings in South London pubs that hoped to attract early-morning revellers from the city’s more popular venues.

In fact, when you think about it, it’s impossible to dislocate some very special places from the history of electronic music. London’s Plastic People and Velvet Rooms will always be associated with the FWD>> parties that birthed Dubstep, while Chicago’s Muzic Box  and Chicago’s The Warehouse will always be associate with house and acid. Mixmag has put together a useful primer on 10 of the most important electronic sub-genres and the history of their spiritual homelands. From tech-house to Balearic and beyond, it’ll definitely be a source of inspiration for whatever local scene you are a part of. Read it here.

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