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Get Into Poland’s Gabber Revival With This Mix From WIXAPOL S.A.

This is what a night at one of Poland’s wild and trollish WIXAPOL S.A. parties sounds like.

Does harder and faster always equal better? The answer is yes when it comes to the events thrown by WIXAPOL S.A. As we wrote earlier this year, the Warsaw-based rave crew has created a neo-gabber revival that’s become incredibly popular in Poland.

If that story piqued your curiosity, you can now experience a larger part of what the party’s all about thanks to this mix by WIXAPOL co-founder DJ TORRENTZ.EU. Called “NIGHT IS DARK AND FULL OF TORRENTZ”, it’s a live set that offers a snapshot of some of the fastest and hardest sounds played by the Polish DJ. The Soundcloud tags include such creative descriptors as “GABBER”, “TERRORSOUND”, “POSTSHAME” and “FAPTEMPO”, and we’d say they’re all actually pretty accurate.

Give the mix a listen below.

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Published on 16:55 Berlin time