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Hear Levon Vincent’s Latest Techno LP Masterpiece, ‘For Paris’

The Novel Sound maestro is giving away his second full-length as a download.

Levon Vincent has dropped his new album, For Paris, and you can hear and download it for free immediately. The charismatic New Yorker’s new LP is dedicated to the city of Paris, about which he made controversial comments following the 2015 attacks. His actions forced him to “try to aim for something meaningful in an apology, but also to try to make something which could benefit everyone around the world.”

For Paris is the result. The album is comprised of 10 tracks, and with titles like “Hope For New Global Peace” and “If We Choose Peace”, it’s strong on the thematics of hope, reconciliation and solidarity. Musically, it’s sure to satisfy fans of the producer’s dreamy and slow-morphing repetitious house grooves.

The album has been made free to download; Vincent provided a download link via his Facebook profile earlier today. Grab the whole album from Dropbox using this link here. The entire album is also streaming on YouTube as a playlist which you can hear in full below.

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