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This Music Machine Sounds Like A Drunk Avant-Garde Trio

After the singularity, the descendants of this machine will make musicians obsolete.

Introducing Niklas Roy’s Music Construction Machine, a fascinating project that uses mechanical algorithms—wheels, pulleys, levers—to make music with real musical instruments. In an interview with Deutsche Welle, Roy describes his intention as to create something that sounds like a “drunk punk band” or an “avant-garde trio”. Listening to the device, we’d say that it sounds like a combination of the two. And that’s pretty good considering it’s entirely mechanical in nature.

Check out the little video above to learn more about the device. You can hear a clip of it in action below. And, if you’re in Poland this week, you can see it for yourself in the  Goethe-Institut Pop Up Pavillion in Wrocław. The Music Construction Machine will be exhibited until July 10.

Can’t get enough mechanical music? Check out this conversation featuring Graham Dunning of the Mechanical Techno Project. Also take a look at this decaying cassette tape sculpture.

(Via Hackaday)

Published on 12:57 Berlin time