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New Study Shows Amsterdam Is Millennials’ Favorite City

Berlin-based house-hunting website Nestpick has released its ranking of millennials’ favorite cities and their nightlife. Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich took the overall top spots.

The ranking was based on a number of different categories that Nestpick determined were particularly important to “Generation Y,” a contested age group they don’t explicitly define on the home page. Some of those divisions are predictable and could apply to any generation, such as evaluations of the job markets, food offerings and tourism industries, while others seem particularly tailored to popular conceptions of what matters to so-called “millennials,” including the number of startups, music festivals and Apple Stores that exist in a given city as well as the quality of its high-speed internet.

Berlin, predictably, took the top spot for nightlife, which ranking was based simply on the number of local clubs and their legal opening hours. (They did not, however, consider the quality of the German capital’s club toilets.) The other locations included in the top 10 may come as a surprise to some and indicate that the German company’s data skews towards the countries where it has more users. Paris came out in second place, Cologne in third and London in fourth—despite its recent troubles with a spate of club closures and struggles for famous institutions like fabric.

According to Nestpick, millennials also rate the club scenes in Prague and Montréal. Although Hamburg recently suffered the (possibly temporary?) closure of its famous Golden Pudel club, other spaces like PAL have held it down hard enough to justify a top-10 ranking in the nightlife category. See the full list of top cities and top nightlife destinations courtesy of Welt below, and find the full results of Nestpick’s study here.

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