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This Roland Plugin Will Make Your Computer Boom Like A TR-808

Slamming beats with a mouse click.

Roland has announced their first ever software plugin, for the iconic TR-808 drum machine. The announcement comes just days after the release of their awesome, cutting edge rhythm composer, the TR-8S,

The TR-808 Software Rhythm Composer will join the Roland Cloud suite of high resolution software synthesizers. It marks the first time Roland has produced an authentic software reproduction of the legendary instrument.

As Roland details, “Using its revolutionary Analog Circuit Behavior technology, Roland has painstakingly recreated the original analog circuits that are the essence of the TR-808’s distinctive sound. Every nuance and detail present in the original hardware is accounted for, resulting in a living, breathing TR-808. This software adaption not only sounds and acts true-to-life, but it also injects new and exciting enhancements into the classic 808 formula.”

The software is available via the Roland Cloud Manager now. It sits alongside a host of Roland’s other legendary synths like the SH-101, Jupiter-8 and Juno-106. You can find further details about this exciting update on the Roland Cloud website here. Listen to some demos using the TR-808 software above.

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