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Spotify’s New Feature Automatically Mixes Tracks Like A Professional DJ

Can artificial intelligence DJ better than you? 

By now, you’re aware of the future of algorithmic creativity and AI-assisted music productions like “Daddy’s Car”. But have you stopped to consider what our post-human future has in store for DJ culture? If Spotify‘s new tool, Auto-DJ, is anything to go by, that unmistakable “human touch” of the art of DJing might gradually become a thing of the past.

Auto-DJ is a new tool available currently only on Spotify Desktop. It allows users to hear a flawless beat-matched mix of tracks especially created by Spotify. The program will bring in and fade out music in no pre-determined order (even on shuffle mode) based on analysis of the way two tracks interact with one another. This includes incremental volume rises as well as cuing tracks to ensure there are major drops throughout the mix.

Currently Auto-DJ is only available via Spotify’s drum & bass playlist here, but expect to hear more of your favorite electronic music genres spun by machines in the future. At this point, we wouldn’t mind a post-human future for clubs if robot DJs are involved.

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