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This Browser-Based Looping Tool Lets You Remix On The Go

Novation’s free music app Launchpad Arcade is an awesome browser-based production resource.

Want to remix your tracks and practice your MPC-style finger drumming from the comfort and immediacy of your web browser? Then you might want to head straight to Novation’s new Launchpad Arcade website. Launchpad Arcade is an online player where you can remix tracks straight from your browser or on Mac, PC and iOS or Android devices.

You can trigger loops, rhythms and other sounds with a clip grid and select between jam sessions using a cursor at the top right of the screen. You can also hone your MPC skill set by launching loops and one-shot samples with your mouse, or you can try finger drumming using your keyboard. Get looping and remixing at the Launchpad Arcade website here. For more tips for the best browser-based production tools, read our ultimate browser-based production guide.

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Published on 14:11 Berlin time