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This Compilation Showcases Obscure Brazilian Boogie From The 1980s

Somatoria Do Barulho Discos collects rare tracks featuring “Moog synths, vocoders, DX7s, or triggered Oberheim drum sounds.”

Want to discover some of the rarest grooves from the South American continent in one beautifully packaged compilation? The Brazilian label Somatoria Do Barulho Discos just announced their amazing10 Mais Boogie Vol. 1 compilation. They dug through “thousands of records full of weird-looking haircuts, somewhere near São Paolo or Rio De Janeiro,” all of which are all unbelievable boogie cuts.

Brazil’s disco legacy might be a little more obscure than that of its North American counterpart—but that’s only stoked the vinyl collecting fervor within the local scene. In fact, many of the tracks on10 Mais Boogie Vol. 1 previously asked upwards of €110 for a single 7-inch or 12-inch on Discogs. Ranging from the classic to the downright rare, Somatoria Do Barulho Discos’ new release is the perfect gateway into rare music from South America’s largest nation. Listen to tracks from Gaby Whiskadão and Elizio de Búzios below. You can pre-order the record from the SBD Records website here.


1. Tony Blue – ‘Vê Se Me Esquece’
2. Elizio de Búzios – ‘Tamanqueiro’
3. Tony Bizarro – ‘Estou Livre’
4. Rubão Sabino – ‘Velho Guerreiro’
5. Electric Boogies – ‘Break Mandrake’
6. Let’s Dance – ‘Dance Com a Gente’
7. Cassiano – ‘Ta Dando Mole Zé’
8. Newton Drinckwater – ‘Macaco Pesado’
9. Gaby Whiskadão – ‘Super Amor’
10. Tim Maia – ‘Vê se Decide’

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