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This New Software Will Let You Make A Techno Track In Minutes

Korg Gadget is an intuitive interface that can have you making dance floor hits in 12 steps. 

The market for music production software has boomed in recent years, meaning that aspiring musicians have an array of useful desktop and smartphone apps at their fingertips for all of their production needs. One of the most impressive production suites to emerge is the Korg Gadget. Intuitive and powerful, Gadget is available as an iOS version for iPhone, iPad and Mac, and incorporates a number of Korg’s synth emulators developed over the last few years, like the Mono/Poly and the ARP Odyssey.

So how to take advantage of all the features of Gadget? What are the best effects and what is the optimum workflow for the software? Ask Audio has an in-depth guide on Korg Gadget that takes you through 12 steps you can follow to make the ultimate techno track. From FX-use to bass synth programming, it’s a handy way to get the feel of some slick software. Read it here.

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Published on 15:14 Berlin time