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Watch A Geodesic MIDI Controller Give Music Crazy New Shapes

Wave, spin, touch, tap and flip your music in new ways with the OTO gesture-controlled crystal. 

In recent years, there’s been an ongoing movement to bring human movement and expression into the realm of electronic music. Interesting gadgets, such as Expressive E’s Touché, aim to give completely unthinkable nuance and sophistication to synthetic music by allowing its physical movements to control and modulate electronic currents.

The newest development in this line of engineering is called OTO by the Boston company Sonic Geometry. Its quasi-geodesic shape combines multi-axis design with gestural control and touch-sensing. This means you can wring, tap, roll or flip it to control a huge number of parameters of sound design like effects, filters or fades. Working with either custom standalone software on desktop and mobile or as a MIDI controller with your favorite DAW, OTO can be “played” like a drum pad, bowed like a violin or just used as a wireless controlling knob. A series of OTOs can even be used for digital DJing.

And at a surprisingly cheap $73USD early-bird price, it’s definitely an inventive piece of gear that won’t make too big of an indent in your bank account. You can watch how the OTO works in the two demo videos below. Head to IndieGoGo for further details, tech specs and purchase information here.

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Published on 15:25 Berlin time