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Watch Andrew Huang’s 7-Minute Guide To Modular Synthesis

The YouTube sensation shares his thoughts on modular synthesis and gives a tour of his own Eurorack system.

In a recent video, YouTube sensation Andrew Huang (a.k.a Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows) confessed his love for and fascination with the modular synthesizer. As a young teenager, he discovered the legendary Buchla synth system after digging deep into the depths of the internet, which eventually led him to create his own Eurorack setup thirteen years later. He goes on to describe the basics of Eurorack philosophy and design, and then to share his own fascination with the medium. “[Modular synthesis] really makes me think of music not as these concrete parcels that we write and record and distribute, but as something larger with infinite pathways to explore and get lost in,” he said.

He also gives a quick crash course in the science behind synthesis and the conceptual tools that new users need to get started. Check the video out in full below. You can even hear his own productions at the end of the video, which he releases under the moniker Dots to Lines.

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Published on 16:41 Berlin time