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Watch Four Experts Discuss The History Of Video Game Sound Design

Four video game sound designers weigh in on the bleeps and noises that have marked over 25 years of gaming.

We may now live in the era of luscious game design and sprawling acid-jazz OSTs, but it wasn’t too long ago that an Italian plumber collecting coins to bright chip-tune sounds could have you riveted to your seat for hours. In fact, much of the magic of previous gaming era was down to the inventive use of sound design, which often used very limited means. Whether it was the tiny squelches of Pong, the “start” signal for Mario Kart or the ominous cry of “finish him” in Mortal Kombat, the golden era of game design was filled with tiny sonic details, all of which have fascinating stories.

Wired gathered four of the world’s premier game sound designers to discuss the most iconic sounds from games between 1972 and 1998. They provide amazing insight into the design and recording tricks that would give games their legendary status. For example, remember that hectic, heart-attack inducing feeling of playing Space Invaders? Well, that was actually because the soundtrack was actually timed to the rhythm of your beating heart. Learn more about this impressive history by watching the video here.

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