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Watch Rare ’92 Footage of Underground Resistance

The best way to start the day is with some intense music history A/V, and this one’s a killer. Public Tranceport documents a street media event in 1992 Vienna, featuring Monoton and the original Underground Resistance lineup—Jeff Mills, Robert Hood (as MC!) and Mike Banks.

The video was recorded as an “intentional declaration of an underground movement, consisting of video and music artists, that want to reach the people of the street and not the market. …the flashing images of people dancing and excerpts of psychedelic videos are alternated with short messages from the artists. Their view is that the cold war is now replaced by a code war, lead by data-guerrilla’s and media-pirates who want to redefine the logo- and information culture. The sounds of computers and videos are used, resulting in a subversive music soundtrack. As it is the media who determine collective consciousness, they, as artists, are trying to anticipate to that new development.”

We’ll have a special Jeff Mills feature coming soon; for now, cast an eye on our Underground Resistance Slices video!

Published on 10:34 Berlin time