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Watch A Video Of Google’s New AI-Powered Synthesizer In Action

New sounds mean new music.

We might be terrified of the coming singularity, but that won’t stop us from wanting to play around with Google’s cool new A.I.-powered synthesizer, the NSynth Super. It’s a device that can fuse the sounds of up to four different instruments—this can create a completely new sonic palette.

NSynth—the algorithm that drives the hardware—is a product of Magenta (no relation to our use of that color, by the way). That’s Google’s research project for exploring how machine learning can inform artistic and musical tools. According to Google, “NSynth synthesizes an entirely new sound using the acoustic qualities of the original sounds.” That means you could be listening to one part guitar and one part trombone at the same time.

For now, the NSynth—which stands for neural synthesizer—is an open-source project. You can find all the details and equipment needed to build it yourself here. But, you won’t be finding this synth on shop shelves anytime soon.

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