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Will Your Favorite New House Song Be A Future Classic?

Weigh in on what turns a great track into one that people will remember for years.

It’s an endlessly mysterious phenomenon: out of the thousands of great tracks that get released each year, spun in clubs and featured in mixes, how do those one or two tracks enter the Pantheon of what we call the “classics”? How do certain tracks spread across the world like viruses, becoming larger than just the track or the piece of plastic they were printed on?

An interesting new thread on Reddit has been posing just this question. Posted by Redditer “ihatepoptarts”, it asks people to weigh in on “What are some (relatively) recent tracks that you believe will go down in history as classics of the genre?” Naturally, the answers have been varied and overwhelming, with tracks from Lone rubbing up against The Black Madonna and Floorplan. In any case, it’s a great place to start your hunt for great—and potentially classic—new tracks making the rounds right now (like Theo Parrish’s “Falling Up”, a favorite of ours—he’s pictured above). Read the thread here.

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