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These Are My Favorite DJ Mix Series

Looking for reliable DJ mix series beyond the well-known podcasts from music websites? Here are recommendations for house, techno and experimental sets.

I listen to a lot of mixes. Recorded DJ sets are to me what full-length albums are to the people in my life who aren’t big on dance music: a continuous listening experience that I repeat and which gives me a sense of the composer’s musicianly identity. I need to listen to mixes when I run every morning, so I keep a constant supply ready in order to avoid the paralyzing feeling of scrolling through my SoundCloud feed looking for a suitable and downloadable recording. As a result, I have an arsenal of go-to sources. Narrowing down my list of favorites was difficult, so I decided to focus on lesser-known collections and to leave out podcast series curated by radio stations like NTS and Berlin Community Radio or other music websites like Boiler Room, Resident Advisor, Juno Plus, XLR8R, Self-Titled and Truants, all of which have killer offerings. I feel obliged to point out that I don’t think of this article as a list of “the BEST” mix series, because people always comment on or Tweet about our listicles as if that’s how we frame them. These are just some of my recommendations for good places to look if you’re trying to find reliable mix outlets.