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Unsound Festival Founder Recommends 11 Shows

One of the biggest experimental music festivals, Unsound, returns this weekend in Krakow, so we asked Mat Schulz to make a guide to the events.

Since the theme for Unsound 2015 is Surprise and because the lineups for many of our shows remain unannounced until the artists hit the stage, I’ve decided to organize this guide in terms of of my personal recommendations regarding surprise shows. Although it doesn’t represent the entire festival, it does give a taste of what to un-expect in Krakow this year. I couldn’t resist including the Ephemera live experience, which is the next phase of a project we started last year that connects sound and scent via installations and a perfume series based on Bass, Noise and Drone. The live show premiered at Unsound Toronto a few months ago and involves a performance by Tim Hecker, Geza Schoen’s Drone scent and light design by MFO. The result is a unique immersive, dreamlike, multi-sensory experience.

General festival tip: You may need to bring some warm clothing this year, as it looks like the temperature might get chilly.