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Your Favorite DJs Name Their Favorite Richie Hawtin Tracks

Marcel Dettmann, Radio Slave, Loco Dice and more tell us about their favorite tracks from techno legend Richie Hawtin.

Richie Hawtin has traversed more peaks and troughs than your average career techno lord, and EB.TV’s exclusive chat with the man himself revealed a new chapter to the story. Perhaps no other DJ/producer has inspired under- and overground types in equal measure; his early Shepard tone acid style is still highly prevalent in modern techno, while the vacuum-sealed minimal surgery of his later work remains fundamental to the dust and glitter tech house sound. In light of Hawtin’s numerous aliases and stylistic shifts, it can be difficult to know where to begin in his towering discography, so we asked some of your favorite DJs to recommend their favorite Hawtin tunes. More often than not, these tracks are connected to out-of-time moments, be it Tijiana T raving to “Minus/Orange” during a bombing campaign in Serbia or Ricardo Esposito nerding out over IDing every stem in Hawtin’s labyrinthine DE9 | Closer To The Edit mix. From Radio Slave to rRoxymore, these DJ’s picks paint Hawtin in history-making colors.


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