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10 x 4 – Flowers and Sea Creatures

10 x 4 - Flowers and Sea Creatures Flowers and Sea Creatures is the shared nom de plume of Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos, two Europeans who are now based in Montreal. After hooking up with Ben Watt and his legendary house label Buzzin’ Fly, they released their self titled debut album earlier this year. Opaque and narcotically psychedelic, the album straddles the fertile middle ground between house, folk and Balearic. We caught up with the duo so they could field our 10 x 4 questions.

Favourite part of the day to create?
G: Early morning
K: Late night

Method or madness?
G: Method
K: Madness

First musical love?
G: Voice
K: Synth

One thing you cannot live without?
G: Sleep
K: Sleep

Favourite instrument?
G: Piano
K: Guitar

Your biggest break so far?

G: Living it
K: Same

Eureka moment?
G: Experiencing it right now
K: Discovering The Cure…or Depeche Mode..

Biggest Surprise?
G: Finding out we would have a CD release as well as a double vinyl
K: We could finally release music of this nature to the public

Secret Tip?
G: Don’t mix grain and grape
K: Can’t divulge studio programming secrets..would love to though….

A place to create?
G: Park
K: Bedroom

Published October 24, 2011.