10 x 4 – Megablast

10 x 4 - Megablast Following their acclaimed 2007 debut ‘Kunuaka’, Makossa & Megablast have finally released their second album Soy Como Soy, and in our opinion it’s a great way to prevent the kind of depression that’s crawling into your heart as soon as the world turns into a gray, cold bulk. “Coming Home”, with its slow intro and Hubert Tubbs’ great vocals for example, works much better than any pharmaceutical moodlifter. On the other hand there are a couple of dancefloor fillers on this album like the Ibiza hit and title track proves. Enough reasons to send this little questionnaire to Megablast!

Favorite part of the day to create?
Anytime I feel the need to create.

Method or madness?

First musical love?
Quincy Jones & Michael Jackson.

One thing you cannot live with out?

One thing you would live without if you could?
Money & rats.

Favourite instrument?

Your biggest break so far?
I experienced love.

Biggest disappointment?
Human stupidity and blindness.

Love of your life?
Music & freedom.

Secret tip?
Be yourself, follow your path and don`t get tricked by “Monopoly”.

Last person that inspired you?
John Lennon & Yoko Ono.

Makossa & Megablast’s new album Soy Como Soy is out on November 11.