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10 x 4 – Pursuit Grooves

10 x 4 - Pursuit Grooves Pursuit Grooves makes music for being chased by angry mobs or wild dogs. Whatever’s on your tail, if you’ve got Pursuit’s Grooves in your earphones, you’re gonna get the fuck out of there. Having just released her debut album Frantically Hopeful on Tectonic, and with a bunch of festival performances under her belt, the Washington D.C native’s angular juxtapositions of broken beats and bone crushing bass are fierce, fast and dangerous and have been picked up by everyone from Rush Hour (who gave her her first release) to techno DJ’s and alt-music blogs.

Check Pursuit Groove’s soundcloud for some nice podcasts too.

Favourite part of the day to create?
My favorite time of the day to create is daytime. The daylight motivates me.

Method or madness?
A bit of method and a lot of madness.

First musical love?
My first musical love was probably New Edition and Janet Jackson or my first Yamaha synthesizer!

One thing you cannot live with out?
I can’t live without good food.

Favourite instrument?
My favorite instrument is a tie between drums and keys.

Your biggest break so far?
My biggest break so far was having Pinch take me on even though I was dancing to a different drum!

Eureka moment?
My eureka moment was when I studied every artform but kept returning to music.

Secret tip?
My secret tip is to just create what’s inside because there’s an audience for everything.

A place to create?
I would love to have a beach side bungalow to create.

Last thing that inspired you?
The last thing that inspired me was watching a few cool performances at the Mutek festival.

Published July 14, 2011.