10 x 4 – Solomun

10 x 4 - Solomun Solomun is one of my favourite house producers. Not that underground, not that mainstream, not even that cutting edge, but damn, he’s f***ng good. I could just list all of his amazing songs as some kind of de-facto introduction, but that would be just too lazy.

Having recently celebrated the 50th release of his own Diynamic label – home to amongst others Stimming, Ost & Kjex and Isolee the label is also a platform for much of his own work (though he does find the time to squeeze in releases for Compost and Four:Twenty). His Dance Baby album from 2009 still sounds utterly fresh, and we even sent the Slices crew to dig a bit deeper into his musical universe in a video you can watch here on eb.net if you cast your eyes to the right.

So sit back, get a coffee and find out some of the things that make our man Mladen Solomun tick.

Favourite part of the day to create?

Lunch time with my partner Adriano. we go always very late to lunch, about 4 -5 pm. it’s almost dinner time. At lunch we discuss about things and have overview look about all what we have to do. We always go to lunch in a nice corner, where you also see some other people + coffee in the bar after the lunch.

Most influential person?

My father. A very honest and good person with no prejudices. I feel so much respect for him.

First musical love?

Wham. The first album, I was 10 years old I think. wow !

One thing you cannot live with out?


One thing you would live without if you could?


Biggest surprise?

Yann Tiersen confirmed us to do a cover from one of our tracks for our up coming 5 years compilation. We were all going crazy at our office when get the mail.

Biggest disappointment?

There are only some small disappointments, but that’s part of life.

Love of your life?

My family (including my best friends and Diynamic artists) – very happy and thankful about it.

Secret tip?

Check out the stuff from Drop out Orchestra.

Last thing that inspired you?

My label mate and friend Stimming, who has his studio next door to mine. He really is unbelievable. I see him every day and he always surprise me with new ideas and the exchange we have together is so good. I can truly say that he is one of the biggest talents nowadays in my opnion.