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2011 Editor's Picks: David

Published on December 22, 2011 13:33 Berlin Time

2011 Editor's Picks: David Over the last decade everyone has been making a fuss about how TV-series are becoming more important and innovative than big screen movies. This is totally wrong. Even though both use moving pictures, they are two quite different forms. It’s like comparing a 7 verse poem to a 500 pages epos or a one page comic in a newspaper to a graphic novel.

That said I hereby present you my top five TV shows this year.

5. Beavis and Butthead Season 9

Forget about any fuckin reunion of any given band on earth. Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butthead is the comeback of the year. What I’ve seen so far, was more than great, which is why Charlie and the Gang haven’t been in my year’s end list for seven years now.

4. Louie Season 2

The second season of stand up comedian Louis CK started with a big fart and made me cry in the last episode. In-between there have been more touching scenes than in all seasons of Six feet under together.

3. Game of Thrones Season 1

It’s been epic. Not only in terms of money (allegedly the pilot alone cost more than 20 million dollars) the cast (from Sean Bean as Ned Stark to any given squire, all the actors were brilliant), but regarding the story. George R.R. Martin works on a seven books long fantasy series and HBO turned book one into the first season of an epic TV show. There is much more to come!

2. Workaholics Season 2

Season 1 was so so, but season 2 turned Workaholics in the most fun TV show this year. Blake, Adam and Anders are three post graduate mid 20ies guys who work at a telemarketing company and share a house. The humor is as stupid as it sounds, but it works. Also great: guest appearances of guys like Tyler, the Creator and his gang among many others.

1. Homeland Season 1

Originally an Israeli TV show (like the great In Treatment), a team around Howard-24-Gordan developed it for the American market. And like no TV show before it turned all our fears into 10 episodes ala 50 minutes of pure thrilling entertainment. You never guess what’s coming next yet nevertheless it’s always plausible. In addition to that it features performances by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis and is one of the best in TV show’s history.

Haven’t seen more than two seasons of Breaking Bad though.