2562 to head up When In Doubt

2562 to head up When In Doubt

2562 aka Dave Huismans is not only a producer known for his obsession with numbers, but also for his perfected bass/techno sound. Producing music under various monikers such as A Made Up Sound and Doghaze he has so far released most of his productions on Tectonic Recordings as well as a clutch on his own imprint 3024.

Now a new label from the Dutch producer When in Doubt has become the exclusive platform for 2562’s music with the aim of the imprint being to release "personal, formula-free music". The first 12" of this new partnership is ‘Aquatic Family Affair’ limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl that come in hand printed sleeves. There will be no digital release of this track. The flip side will be ‘This Is Hardcore’ and you can listen to both here. 2562 will release his full length in April this year.

2562 – Aquatic Family Affair

2562 ‘Aquatic Family Affair’ When In Doubt (doubt000) a side by stholdings

When In Doubt will release 2562’s first single Aquatic Family Affair on February 7th. Make sure you also check out his live set at Fabric over at Red Bull Music Academy Radio.