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Listen To A One-Hour Aphex Twin Mix By Mike Paradinas

The Planet Mu boss has compiled a mix of tracks all made by Aphex Twin for The Vinyl Factory. The hour-plus set promotes the expanded re-release of Aphex Twin’s collaborative album with Mike Paradinas (aka µ-ZIQ), Mike & Rich: Expert Knob Twiddlers, which arrived with seven extra tracks earlier this summer. The mix contains 32 tracks … Continued

Hear An Unreleased Aphex Twin Track From 1996

The track “Vodka (mix-2)” will appear on the reissue of Expert Knob Twiddlers. Following the announcement of a forthcoming reissue of µ-Ziq and Richard D. James’ collaborative project from 1996, a previously unreleased track has surfaced online. The full album will be out on September 2, featuring seven unheard cuts. Pre-order the album on bandcamp. For more mad Aphex Twin … Continued

Aphex Twin Trolls Namm; Drops Another Cheetah Track

Trolls NAMM; Drops Track. All a day in the life of Richard D. James.  Aphex Twin keeps the good news rolling in the lead up to the release of his new Warp Records EP, Cheetah. The EP takes its name from the Cheetah MS800, a ’80s synthesizer that has the questionable reputation of being one of the hardest synths … Continued

Aphex Twin Announces Mysterious NAMM Product Demonstration

Richard D. James has some surprises coming up. In the ongoing saga of Aphex Twin, Richie J. has announced a mysterious new “Product Demonstration” for NAMM 2016. The demonstration will take place in booth #2026 at the Nashville Music City Center from June 24th to 25th. The announcement also mentions a Cheetah MS800 – the … Continued

Aphex Twin And Daft Punk Go Orchestral On New Covers Album

Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and more are covered on Swedish composer Hans Ek’s new album with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic. Ready yourselves: The next huge pop-orchestral crossover album is almost here.The LP is Swedish composer Hans Ek‘s Dance Music Symphony, and it features the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic performing orchestral covers of tracks by such notable … Continued

Aphex Twin Just Dropped A New Video Directed By A 12 Year Old

We can’t wait until Aphex Twin’s Cheetah EP drops on July 8th, but today we got a taste of it—and what a taste. Richard D. James casually released the first video for the track ‘CIRKLON3  [ Колхозная mix ]’ on his website—his first in 17 years, actually. Fun fact: the video is directed by Ryan … Continued

Aphex Twin’s ‘Cheetah EP’ Is Now Available For Pre-Order

A couple days ago, Aphex Twin announced a new EP via a a mysterious ad that looked like a vintage synthesizer advert from some ’70s magazine. Now Warp Records has posted more info about the release. The Cheetah EP will be out July 8 on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital, and you can pre-order it now via … Continued

Aphex Twin Announces Imminent New EP

To all of you for whom the period after 2014 has felt like a dark age, a verlorene Zeit, a time only made meaningful by Aphex Twin‘s 2014 record Syro and the distant promise of another waxy morsel in a forever postponed future, well, that time is over. Rumors are swirling that Mr. Twin has a new record prepped for Warp Records, with … Continued

Listen To An Aphex Twin Track On A Nina Kraviz Compilation

Last month, we reported 😉 😛 that Nina Kraviz’s label трип would feature Aphex Twin track “P-string” on a forthcoming compilation titled When I Was 14. The track first aired during Richard D. James’ second Peel Session in 1995 and wound up on SoundCloud, where Kraviz presumably plucked it from the mass of other unreleased material and secured the rights … Continued

Aphex Twin Appears On Nina Kraviz’s New Compilation

Nina Kraviz has pulled off a coup: an upcoming compilation on the Russian selector’s Trip label features a track by none other than Aphex Twin. As FACT reports, “P-string” first aired during Richard D. James’ second Peel Session and wound up on SoundCloud, where Kraviz presumably plucked it from the mass of other unreleased material … Continued

Aphex Twin Inspired John Frusciante’s Next Acid House Record

John Frusciante has shared more details about his upcoming Foregrow EP, which comes out via Acid Test on April 16. According to a post on his website, the work was inspired by the likes of AFX, Squarepusher, Ceephax Acid Crew and Autechre. Although he still used a 303 on the record, it’s not a full-on acid house … Continued

This Aphex Twin Peel Session From 1992 Is Incredible

We’re always excited when new Aphex Twin artefacts are unearthed. Today, we stumbled upon this gem: a 1992 Peel Session during which Richard D. James bumps out some really nasty acid. Also included is a live recording from Sheffield Hallam University from 1993, which shows James’ more ambient side. A really nice way to get … Continued

Meet A 20-Year-Old Aphex Twin In This Interview From ’92

For your weekly Richard D James fix, we’ve unearthed this rare interview with the producer when he was on the cusp of breaking through. It was broadcast on German radio DT64 in 1992 on a show called “Dancehall,” which was the first radio program dedicated to techno and was hosted by electronic music pioneer Marusha. … Continued

Aphex Twin Meets The Teletubbies

Cast in black and white, the cheery landscape inhabited by the Teletubbies takes on a sinister vibe, soundtracked by Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy.” We’ve got the bit where Po falls and rolls down the hill on loop. Read a 1996 interview with Richard D. James here or listen to all of Aphex Twin’s tracks at once … Continued

Listen To All Of Aphex Twin’s Tracks At Once

When fresh Aphex Twin-related infotainment appears on the internet, we usually start our feed posts about it with a tongue-in-cheek comment about SEO paradise and “Richard D. James Does Something” headline jokes. Today we’re feeling a little more meta, so we wrote about how we usually write about that in order to write some extra words … Continued

Celebrity Death Match: Aphex Twin Vs. Jamie xx

The 2016 edition of the Brit Awards is swiftly approaching, and some of electronic music’s most beloved mavericks have landed nominations. Probably the tightest competition is in the British Male Solo sector, where Aphex Twin is competing against Jamie xx, plus Calvin Harris, James Bay and Mark Ronson. Jamie xx and James Bay are also battling for Best Album in the company of Adele, Florence and … Continued

Aphex Twin Drunkenly Uploads New Track, “T17 Phase Out”

After uploading new material all year, Richard D. James AKA user18081971 shared another new track last night—and apparently he was drunk. The SoundCloud caption reads: “i prolly i shntnde downoied thi coz im drunki m ena uploaded..”  Listen and judge for yourself, and read this interview from 1996 for more AFX. (via FACT)

Small Dog Covers Aphex Twin

Youtube User APBradley turned his little dog’s barking and howling in a beautiful cover of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”.

Aphex Twin Uploads More Unreleased Tracks to SoundCloud

Since around the time of Syro‘s release, the prolific Aphex Twin has been loading his SoundCloud with previously unheard material under the handle user18081971. The past 24 hours have brought about another deluge—or nine new tracks, to be precise. Head here to listen to them all.

Aphex Twin Shares New AFX Tracks

Clearly whoever watches over mankind loves electronic music, because this year has just been insane for releases. Thank you, Biased God.

Aphex Twin. Enough said.

Canadian mixmaster Funky Jeff has just dropped his latest mix. After some chilled out, IDM-ish ambient selections and a great mix on the oevre of The Orb, Jeff’s now struck back with a mixtape honoring the inventing force of what we know as progressive, electronic music. Yes, it’s all about Aphex Twin. And as this … Continued