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Play A Roland TR-909 In Your Browser

Getting a slow start to your day at the office? Why not make some classic house beats with this fully functional 909 in your browser. The 909 is Roland’s classic drum machine from the 1980s and a touchstone of techno production. This digital version was coded in html-5 for maximum compatibility and it’s easy to use. … Continued

Frankfurt Legend Heiko MSO Has Died

Reports have surfaced that the Ongaku, Klang Elektronik and Playhouse label co-founder and Robert Johnson resident DJ née Heiko Schäfer has passed away.

Roland Just Debuted 30+ New Devices

The 909 Day celebrations continue as Roland rolls out new versions of the TB-303, TR-909, VP-330, TT-99 turntables, a new DJ controller that lets you live program 909 sounds and more. Roland closes out a big week of announcements for music tech with details on a new line of gear that includes updated versions of … Continued

What Level Is Your Musical Taste?

Ever wonder which spectrum your musical taste places you in? Well, thanks to this graphic version of the Sorting Hat, you can rest at ease. See you in the depths…

This MS20 Pillow Is Probably The Softest Synth Ever

Analog synths are creating the warmest and cushiest sounds, no question about that. What if you could rest your head on one of these beautiful machines? Berlin-based manufacturer Soft Machines has got you covered. They’re selling pillows that resemble your favorite machines, patch cables and all. As you’re browsing their shop, also be sure to … Continued

Play This Modular Synth In Your Browser

Another week, another installment of work-distracting hardware for your web browser. We already featured a fully functional 909, Google’s very own Musiclab and the Sampulator for creating more-or-less advanced tracks in your office hours. Now we’ve discovered a comprehensive modular synth setup. For your browser. For real. Check it out here. (via Sonicstate)

Watch The First Drum Machine From 1931 In Action

When we think about drum machines, we usually don’t think further back than the 1970s. There are some earlier examples, of course, but they’re rarely referenced in electronic music; techno and house history pretty much starts with the Roland 808. Check out the world’s first drum machine from 1931 above, and get the full rundown … Continued

Make Music In Your Browser With Google’s Music Lab

We’re fans of all music-related apps that help us break up—or eat up—the office workday. (Case in point: the Sampulator and virtual TR-909.) Happily, Google has launched Chrome Music Lab, which encourages easy music-making in your browser using the Web Audio API. The Lab features interactive instruments and a spectrogram that shows what sounds look … Continued

Legowelt Releases Free Drum Machine For Ableton

Belgian producer Legowelt just released the SMACKOS AMIGA 909—a drum machine for Ableton 9.5. You can download it for free on his website. The machine is based on Legowelt’s Amiga 909 sample floppydisc. He writes: “Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE, AMIGAnizer and SKOOLY SPACE to give u a fresh spectacular 909 experience u never had … Continued

Turn Words Into Beats With The Typedrummer

If you’re searching for something to pass those boring early office hours, we got you covered. We’ve already featured this fully functional Roland TR-909 to play in your browser and the Sampulator to crank out some beats while doing that sales report. With Typedrummer, there’s now an even more clandestine way to draft some tunes: just type a … Continued

Create Tunes In Your Browser With The Sampulator

We already featured a full-blown TR-909 that’s playable in your browser, and now someone has come up with a new fun way to waste time at work. The Sampulator features an extensive sample board—there’s even a DJ Khaled snippet in there—and you can use your keyboard to play them all. Loop and layer sounds and then share … Continued

Turn The World Into An Interface With MIT’s Reality Editor

What if you could take a photo of a physical object with your smart phone and control how it behaves? That’s the basic principle of MIT’s Reality Editor: it’s a tool to connect and manipulate objects around you. Theoretically, you could build connections between anything you want and draw virtual maps everywhere to make those things interact. … Continued

Xosar Launches New Label

L.I.E.S. affiliate and hardware fetishist Xosar has created her own label, Gyrocyre, which will launch on November 30 with the Show Yourself EP. Preview it here via Juno, and read a statement about the creature that inspired the imprint below. “When people on our planet hold built up psychic tensions under the skin, the energy gestates in … Continued

Objekt, Palms Trax, Fred P and More Play Refugee Fundraiser in Berlin

In response to the rush of refugees fleeing violence in their home countries into Europe, the dance music community has been throwing fundraisers to route much-needed funds to charity organizations. On Wenesday, September 30, ://about blank in Berlin hosts Refuge, an event billing Objekt, Fred P, Lakuti, Barker & Baumecker, Palms Trax, Telephones, Benjamin Damage and Tornado … Continued

Jump on a Technicolor Hamster Wheel of Beat-Thuggery

Us millennials have been making beats on iPads since we fresh in the crib. Now you’re twelve years old and those swung 909s are getting a bit old hat. Y’need a new app, stat! Chock full of color, preferably. Well get ready to jump on a technicolor hamster wheel of beat-thuggery. Begin your downward spiral into the heart … Continued

Counting with Ian Pooley

Bridging the gap between techno and house with his own productions, Ian Pooley was born in the city of Mainz, near Frankfurt and first came to fame with the now legendary Force Inc. imprint.

Pulsinger & Tunakan are Not Invited

In 1993, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan founded the Viennese label Cheap Records. One year later, two other guys from Vienna named Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister also had the idea to start their own label and G-Stone Recordings was born. While the latter had enormous commercial success culminating in 1998’s The K&D Sessions – … Continued

Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka Interview

Doc Daneeka and Benjamin Damage are two British producers who have linked up with Berlin based Modeselektor to release their album THEY! Live on the duo’s 50Weapons label. Daneeka is also the man behind the cult-club label 50 Yen but we were first introduced to both producers at our Electronic Beats Modeselektor editorial take-over party. … Continued

Modeselektor’s Favorite Things

Brown shoes and jumpsuits and caffeine – these are a few of Modeselektor‘s favorite things! The two German boys may be famed worldwide for their music, but they’re just people like you and I, and they like all kinds of stuff! Here six of those things; let’s find out a bit about them together! 1. … Continued

The Hidden Cameras touched by Pet Shop Boys

Joel Gibb is a man of many faces. The Canadian musician has been living in Berlin for a while now and is best known for his band The Hidden Cameras. But Gibb is also active as a visual artist, as an actor (‘The Lollipop Generation’, 2008) and as a solo musician (check out his tribute … Continued

Watch Beroshima talk music production

“When I produce a track, I don’t have a rule for how to start“, explains Frank Müller aka Beroshima during his interview with Electronic Beats Slices Magazine. For the latest issue of the Slices DVD, the German producer gave us a deep insight into his studio routine Watch the new feature right here on EBnet … Continued