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Henning Lahmann on Laurel Halo’s Quarantine

I can’t be sure if I’m entitled to speak here for anyone else but myself, yet what is it that we’re really looking for when we listen to a record for the first time? We want to be surprised, I’d argue. We hope that what we’re gonna spend the next minutes of our precious lifetime … Continued

Laurel Halo joins Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies

Mute have started a new electronic music sub-label called Liberation Technologies which will be run by Patrick O’Neill. The first release is by King Felix, aka Lauren Halo, and will be aimed squarely at the dance-floor. Mute have a bulging back catalogue of esoteric dance music (Fad Gadget to Richie Hawtin basically) and look set … Continued

Live Report: Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2013

EB feels love in Vienna with a night of intense—and intensely fun—music to bring down the curtain on a showstopping EB Festival 2013 season. Love to love you When Saints Go Machine, Laurel Halo, Giorgio Moroder, and Metro Area.

EB Festival Vienna: Line-up announced!

The Austrian capital once more plays host to our Fall Festival season, featuring Italian legend Giorgio Moroder with support from Laurel Halo, Metro Area and When Saints Go Machine.

EB Magazine Winter 2012: Out now

For our cold-weather edition, Electronic Beats Magazine has put together perhaps its most varied issue of 2012, featuring names like Gary Numan, Laurel Halo, Madlib, Grimes… well, perhaps you should take a look and see just what’s in store for you.

Win Two Passes To Bloc Festival

We’re teaming up with UK weekender Bloc to offer one lucky EB reader the chance to win a pair of passes, plus on-site accomodation.  Bloc takes place in Minehead from March 11 to 13, and the tickets have you covered for four full nights (you get an extra night to wind down). This year’s event features … Continued

CTM Festival Brings 3D Superstar Hatsune Miku To Berlin

Virtual popstar Hatsune Miku has gained a global following since being rendered in 3D from a vocal synthesizer back in 2007. Miku will appear in Berlin as part of CTM Festival in early 2016 for “Still Be Here,” a collaborative project conceptualized by Mari Matsutoya and created with producer Laurel Halo, choreographer Darren Johnston and virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon, with … Continued

Bloc Festival Hosts Dystopian, Leisure System, R&S

Bloc Festival has announced the crews presenting its stages for next years’ 2016 edition at Minehead. Orwellian-techno peddlers Dystopian will bring Laurel Halo and Demdike Stare to the table, while Leisure System present their brand of schizoid genre-jumpers via Objekt, Helena Hauff and Evian Christ. Meanwhile R&S continue to mine the English scene with Logos, Khan and … Continued

Berlin and Antwerp Promoters Detail Refugee Charity Events

With the influx of Syrian refugees into Europe, DJs and dance music promoters have begun mobilizing to help address the crisis. One such initiative is Belgian promoter IKON’s Techno for Humanity, which hosts Ida Engberg, Guti, Matthias Tanzmann and more in Antwerp on September 17. Revenue will be routed to Médecins Sans Frontières, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, the International Rescue Committee … Continued

Editor’s Choice 12

What’s that? You want to know what’s been going in our ears this week, reverberating our cochleas and sending broader vibrations throughout our bodies and by extension our audio-addled souls? That’s a coincidence: here’s this week’s Editor’s Choice.

Synthesis of Change: an interview with Teengirl Fantasy

After a string of madly hyped first tracks and their critically acclaimed debut LP 7AM in 2010, Brooklyn-based duo Teengirl Fantasy return with their sophomore full-length Tracer, out August 20 on seminal Belgian/UK label R&S Records. For the new effort, Oberlin College alumni Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss abandoned the sampling that defined 7AM, in … Continued

2011 Editor’s Picks: Lucia

Girls I admit, I’m now probably going against an article that appeared on these very pages, but I’m a girl, so I can get away with it, right?:) I’m not a chauvinist or a feminist, I’m just glad that these days you can be a man, woman, dog or an alien and make whatever strange … Continued

Planningtorock reworked by When Saints Go Machine

What a great concoction: two of our favorite artists together for an absolutely genius remix! This remix is one of a number on Planningtorock‘s new Living It Out EP for DFA that also features remixes from Billy Lock, Jackson, Cosmodelica and Laurel Halo. Have yourself a treat and listen to the When Saints Go Machine … Continued

RISING – Hippos In Tanks label

We decided to do something different this week and feature a label instead of an artist. Hippos In Tanks is a label based out of L.A. started by Barron Machat and Travis Woolsey. Artists such as White Car, Sun Arow, Gatekeeper and Hype Williams are all on their roster. H.I.T. describe themselves as – “a … Continued

Actress to release album on Warp?

Actress has been a busy bee recently. Not only has he finished an album for his own Werk Discs imprint, he has another coming on Honest Jon’s and according to a Twitter feed from earlier today, he has one in the bag for Warp too. The details currently amount to zero but according to Actress’ … Continued