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Angel-Ho Warps Grace Jones Into Shattered Beauty

Cape Town’s Angel-Ho soundtracks the battlefield of our dance club floors. As with any of the NON Worldwide affiliates, it’s always exciting to see new music emerge from the alias of Antonio Valerio. His latest slice of warped beauty can—and should—be streamed above, but only if you want to hear some extremely dank awesomeness. Shattered vogue rhythms pierce machine-gun bass, … Continued

Warp Announces New Brian Eno Album

Warp announced a new album by Brian Eno called The Ship, which will be released on April 29. It’s the first Eno LP since LUX in 2012, unless you count the reissues from 2014. Thematically it’s set around vast Belgian fields and the First World War. The album closes with a cover of The Velvet Underground … Continued

Make Your iPhone into a Field Recorder and Sound-Warp Engine

A new iOS app called FieldScaper is promising to turn your iPhone into “advanced field recorder combined with sound-warp engine.” Developed by iMusicAlbum, the app aims to simplify field recording and enable the creation of “spectacular soundscapes.” Several different recording functions allow users to capture environmental sound, which can then be processed and distorted through … Continued

Label Spotlight: Warp Records

A collection of Electronic Beats Slices features and Electronic Beats Festival videos featuring (past and present) Warp Records artists.

Free track from new Warp signing My Best Fiend

Brooklyn five-piece My Best Fiend have just signed to Warp and to celebrate they are giving away ‘Higher Palms’ – a track from their upcoming album. In fact it is the first time you can hear any of the music they are recording for the legendary Sheffield label. Jangling like The Byrds with a healthy … Continued

Warp Films, ATP & Vincent Moon are seeking to regain support from you!

Longtime friend of ATP, French filmmaker and reinventer of music videos Vincent Moon is well known for his Take-Away Shows series, for contributing to Warp‘s full length All Tomorrow’s Parties documentary and directing fantastic films for Arcade Fire, Efterklang, Mogwai and more. Now he’s teaming up with the ATP Festival and Warp Films for launching … Continued

Actress to release album on Warp?

Actress has been a busy bee recently. Not only has he finished an album for his own Werk Discs imprint, he has another coming on Honest Jon’s and according to a Twitter feed from earlier today, he has one in the bag for Warp too. The details currently amount to zero but according to Actress’ … Continued

Brian Eno delivers second album for Warp

Brian Eno is to deliver his second album for Warp later this year. Following last year’s Small Craft on a Milk Sea which was well received by Eno and Warp fans alike (actually, I can’t imagine the two groups are mutually exclusive at all) he is now preparing Drums Between The Bells. This next adventure … Continued

Ask The Producer: Kenny Larkin (Electronic Beats TV)

Next on Telekom Electronic Beats TV’s Ask The Producer Series we have Kenny Larkin. As part of the second wave of Detroit techno producers, his musical legacy holds worldwide relevance. Debuting on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 imprint in 1990, he then went on to produce his first album, entitled “Azimuth”, for Warp records in 1994, … Continued

Download Two Hours of Unreleased Early Music By Autechre

There were many, many highlights during Warp Records‘ three-day NTS takeover, celebrating the legendary label’s thirtieth anniversary. One that made people especially happy was Autechre debuting two hours of previously unreleased material from their early years. However Rob Brown, Sean Booth and Warp didn’t stop there. If you visit the duo’s Bleep store page, you … Continued

10 Things You Need To Know About Nightmares On Wax

Leeds native George Evelyn formed Nightmares On Wax in the late ‘80s in a scene teeming with hip-hop and b-boy culture. He got his start dancing before eventually beginning to DJ. Eventually, Evelyn formed a crew in the form of production specialist John Halnon and musician Kevin Harper. But after only one studio album, the … Continued

Gonjasufi (EB.TV Feature)

Journey beyond the boundaries of electronic music with Warp Records artist Gonjasufi on Telekom Electronic Beats TV, for an in-depth look at his musical mindset and dynamic live performances.

Mount Kimbie Live (EB.TV Studio Session)

Mount Kimbie have returned with their third studio album via Warp Records entitled “Love What Survives”, and Telekom Electronic Beats TV welcome them back with open arms. In an exclusive live studio session, watch the UK act perform “Blue Train Lines”, the classic “Made To Stray”, and the brand new single “Delta”.

Paul Kalkbrenner Unleashes Classic Techno Mix Series

Paul Kalbrenner’s new mix series is a beautiful trip down memory lane. The illustrious Berlin techno personality, Paul Kalkbrenner, has just announced the launch of a new mix series. The Back to the Future project began when Kalkbrenner started hunting down a certain track he remembered from his youth. According to the project’s press release, the hunt instigated an endless “rabbit … Continued

Aphex Twin Trolls Namm; Drops Another Cheetah Track

Trolls NAMM; Drops Track. All a day in the life of Richard D. James.  Aphex Twin keeps the good news rolling in the lead up to the release of his new Warp Records EP, Cheetah. The EP takes its name from the Cheetah MS800, a ’80s synthesizer that has the questionable reputation of being one of the hardest synths … Continued

Make Vinyl Records From SoundCloud Streams In A Single Click

Now you can quickly and easily press your favorite SoundCloud streams into vinyl records. is a new startup that could change how records are made forever. It wants to facilitate the custom pressing of SoundCloud files to vinyl by acting as an intermediary between music enthusiasts, artists and pressing plants. As Fact reports, the company will work … Continued

Angel-Ho And Why Be Mix For Berlin Biennale

Angel-Ho and Why Be sit pretty high on our list of insanely good modern producers. The Cape Town NON Worldwide affiliate and the Berlin-via-Denmark dance floor crusher made these two incredible mixes for Berlin Biennale, and we’re very pleased to be giving you the exclusive web premiere. You can also hear them at the KW Institute of Contemporary Art, … Continued

Aphex Twin’s ‘Cheetah EP’ Is Now Available For Pre-Order

A couple days ago, Aphex Twin announced a new EP via a a mysterious ad that looked like a vintage synthesizer advert from some ’70s magazine. Now Warp Records has posted more info about the release. The Cheetah EP will be out July 8 on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital, and you can pre-order it now via … Continued

Aphex Twin Announces Imminent New EP

To all of you for whom the period after 2014 has felt like a dark age, a verlorene Zeit, a time only made meaningful by Aphex Twin‘s 2014 record Syro and the distant promise of another waxy morsel in a forever postponed future, well, that time is over. Rumors are swirling that Mr. Twin has a new record prepped for Warp Records, with … Continued

Learn Your Electro History In This Vinyl-Only Mix

It’s time you did your homework, son. Timed with the release of their brand new LP, The Capsule, Necro Deathmort have provided this sick mix for The Vinyl Factory which traces a broken line through the history of electro, which they describe as “in many ways…the purest form of electronic music: it’s uncompromisingly hard-edged and laser-focussed on the future, and … Continued

Turn Your Home Into A Spatial Mapped Acid Trip

We don’t need acid anymore to transform our visual reality—our modern addiction is technology, and as big fans of the upcoming Singularity, we’re always happy when something new comes along to provide a beautiful distraction from life’s slow journey toward the grave. Check this thing out—it’s a new application from Pinkwerks! Just tweet the deets to your Microsoft Hololens, hit the … Continued

Autechre Hints At New Record With Track On Alaskan Radio

Autechre always find a way to make guerrilla marketing fresh and not sickeningly ostentatious (*coughRadiohead*). Last week they premiered a track titled “Feed 1” without as much as a hint of forewarning, thereby taking BBC Radio 6 by surprise with 15 minutes of growling modulation and a tangle of severed sequences. Then, yesterday, following a … Continued

Five Rare And Unreleased LFO Tracks Have Appeared Online

Five rare LFO tracks appeared on the YouTube channel “LFO – Gez Varley & Mark Bell – Lost & Found Demos etc” some time ago. They’ve been sitting there more or less untouched — until now. Here’s your chance to listen to these rare deep cuts: embedded above is Track 4 (Alt.Version) , a track that appeared first on … Continued

Xiu Xiu Manhandles Winkie

Xiu Xiu‘s work in dark, wavey elctronics  and experimentalism of the Lynchian kind has made them synonymous with quality listening since we first heard 2003’s incredible A Promise LP. While the idea has evolved substantially since then, we’ve followed each new step feeling pretty damn good about it.  Winkie are fresher to our ears, but just as pleasing … Continued

Squarepusher Is Back As Shobaleader One

Get ready for some more Squarepusher – the British beat destruction machine has upgraded his live performance into a manic band setup. As Shobaleader One he transforms his trademark LED facemask into a disguise for his whole ensemble. This is Slipknot for the post-breakbeat age – a warped vision of cyberpunk folklore. Check Shobaleader One live … Continued

Nanotechnology Eliminates Vinyl Scratches

Vinyl records have been made from the same material since the early 20th century, and are therefore prone to scratches, static and warping. Now, Japanese company Ulvac has developed records that are nano-coated in a material called molybdenum. The material, which is widely used in the fabrication of semiconductors, could prevent records from being damaged … Continued

DARKSTAR Live In Berlin

Darkstar’s sold out live performance at Kantine am Berghain in Berlin was one to remember. Electronic Beats TV was there to take in the action and now you can enjoy the live versions of “Pin Secure” and “Stoke The Fire” from their latest album on Warp, plus their Hyperdub classic “Need You”.

Explore Field Recordings From Around the World With An App

FoundSounds just rolled out an upgraded version of its app, which turns your phone into a field recording portal. Users can filter clips by the time when or the place where they were recorded, allowing it to act as a network that recreates the world map through sound. The upgraded edition allows you to sample recordings of up to two minutes, … Continued

Björk’s New Video Was Shot Inside Her Mouth

In her newest video, Björk gives us an unprecedented view of the inside of her mouth. The video was created with help from Jesse Kanda, who also creates Arca‘s visuals, and is part claustrophobic horror trip, part psychedelic experience. Warped views of teeth and tongue culminate with Björk dancing around in luminous bondage. Watch it here, and get into the … Continued

Ricardo Villalobos Confuses Ravers at His First NYC Gig

Minimal tech-house icon and one of underground dance music’s biggest stars, Ricardo Villalobos, has played all over the world since 1999—except the United States. According to event listings on RA, in 2011 he played two gigs in a single day in Detroit, a popular stopover for European legends who influenced house and techno in America and abroad. This … Continued

Fashion, Digital Art and The Music of Visionist Combine

A wicked 3D video from Long Clothing and visual new media collective Pussykrew introduce a new season collection, joining forces with London-based producer Visionist to complete the A/V identity of this reality-assaulting drive.

Listen To A Megamix of DJ Crystl’s Early Drum and Bass Pressure

DJ Crystl is one of the forgotten heroes of golden era jungle and drum and bass between 1993 and 1998. Tracks like “Meditation” and “Warpdrive” were massive hits back in the day, but for reasons unknown to us DJ Crystl retired from music in the mid-90s, just when drum and bass started to cross over into … Continued

Watch a Video for Kode9’s “Third Ear Transmission”

Ahead of his Nothing LP, Hyperdub boss Kode9 has unveiled a video for lead single “Third Ear Transmission,” which features his late collaborator The Spaceape. The clip was produced with artist Lawrence Lek and foreshadows a collaborative live show, which will debut at Unsound Adelaide in 2016. The project reportedly explores “a post-scarcity world in which the only thing … Continued

Kelela Reveals “Rewind” Video

Fade to Mind’s R&B rep Kelela has given a track off her upcoming Hallucinogen EP the visual treatment. The video features theLA-based vocalist dancing her way through multi-colored rooms, and was directed by Eric K Yue. Watch it in full here before the record—which features collaborations with Kingdom and Arca—lands via Warp on October 9.

Kelela’s New Track Soundtracks Summer’s End

In the run-up to her new EP, Hallucinogen, Fade to Mind’s resident R&B vocalist Kelela has unveiled another track, “Rewind.” The record follows from her debut mixtape, Cut 4 Me, and foreshadows the LA artist’s first full-length effort. It was originally scheduled for release in May via Warp and Kelela’s own Cherry Coffee imprint, but is now due to … Continued

Listen to a Detroit Techno Megamix

This Detroit techno megamix of Chrissy Murderbot’s finest in a discontinued series of stellar themed sets that also cover digi-dancehall, rasta jungle, ghetto house and more. Find more at My Year of Mixtapes. Rhythim is Rhythim; Strings of Life (Piano Mix) (Transmat, 1987) K.S. Experience; Electronic Dance (KMS / Ten Records, 1988) Model 500; Sound … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival Prague

After our first two spring festivals of the year in Warsaw and Bratislava, we brought drums, driving guitars, and cosmic vibes to Prague’s Divadlo Archa.

Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava

The EB Festival in Bratislava took place at the Refinery Gallery in Bratislava on March 6 and featured performances by Adi Ulmansky, Son Lux, Young Fathers and Archive.