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Watch A Young Depeche Mode Perform In 1981

Back in the days where synth sequences were still played by hand, and broadcasters gave somewhat of a shit about putting a couple of bands of integrity on the silver screen, a little band called Depeche Mode played live on the BBC on the back of their 1981 record, Speak and Spell. Those harmonies still hold up. For more, listen to Depeche … Continued

Watch Depeche Mode and New Order On German TV In 1984

Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of nostalgia! Back when TV was still recorded in front of a live studio audience, Depeche Mode and New Order made a joint appearance on the German show Musik Convoy. Watch the video and take in the full awkwardness of bands playing without background tracks—a surprisingly eerie and beautiful experience. Then, read an intimate … Continued

Martin L. Gore (Depeche Mode) Interview – Electronic Beats

Depeche Mode have managed to stay in a single time zone this past week, playing a sweaty, raucous two-hour show to the black swarm on the Rhine in Düsseldorf this past Wednesday, and prepping to do it all again tonight. We sat down with Martin Gore to find out about revisiting the sounds of melancholy … Continued

The Ten Best Depeche Mode Videos

Historically, Depeche Mode have never come up short when it comes to music videos. From their iconic collaborations with Anton Corbijn, to their more recent, experimental affairs, we draw up a list of our favorites.

Deutsche Telekom partners with Depeche Mode on 2013 Summer European tour

Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan and Martin Gore talk “Delta Machine” and the cooperation with Deutsche Telekom for their upcoming European tour. More information on tickets for the individual events (and how to get them) as well as further exciting news on Depeche Mode will be following soon at

Depeche Mode planning new album

Fans of Depeche Mode rejoice: the legendary group are heading to the studio next month to begin work on their next album. According to Martin Gore, he was rejuvenated by his recent work on his current project VCMG, and has begun channeling his creative energies into the group’s thirteenth studio album. The as-yet untitled LP … Continued

Depeche Moods

Travel back to 1988 as Depeche Mode unleash a concert for the masses!

JakoJako – Modular, Manuals und (Club) Mate

In dieser Electronic Beats Podcast Folge trifft Gesine die Musikerin Sibel Jaqueline Koçer besser bekannt als JakoJako. Modularfans kennen sie vielleicht aus Schneidersladen in Berlin, wo sie als Modular Expertin arbeitet. Aber auch im Berghain kann man sie seit einiger Zeit als Resident regelmäßig beim Auflegen oder Live Spielen sehen. Vor drei Jahren hat die … Continued


Thomas P. Heckmann’s Devil’s Kitchen returns to give the Dutch made Synton Syrinx a run through on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Watch as Thomas gives us a good insight into this rare and versatile mono synth which was produced in the early 80s and used famously by Vince Clarke, Aphex Twin and Depeche Mode.


The RSF Kobol is one of the rarest synths around but our tech wizard Thomas P. Heckmann has one to show off in his Devil’s Kitchen on Telekom Electronic Beats TV. Constructed in France this brilliant monophonic synthesiser has been used by the likes of: Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, and Hans Zimmer.

The Queer Queen Of The Blues

A necessary reminder of the feminist power of an early blues master.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget that huge, dominant celebrity personalities have existed well before the era of ubiquitous mass media. For every Bowie remembrance, there is a figure hidden in history that had as profound effect on culture and society—both with their music … Continued

BREAKING: Americans Don’t Give A Rat’s Butt About Scooter

Here’s the thing about Americans—most of us didn’t really grow up with electronic music. We think of Depeche Mode mostly as “that band from the ’80s”, and we have—more or less—zero knowledge that Scooter exists (until we move to Berlin, anyway). That may have changed, as recently Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon dropped some serious shade on the German dance … Continued

Vince Clarke Announces New Eurorack Module

Synthpop pioneer Vince Clarke is the creative mind behind the IMAGINATOR VCX-378, a new Eurorack module designed and built alongside British company Analogue Solutions. “I wanted a practical writing tool that would generate musical patterns based on user-controllable variables,” Clarke explains in a press release. “Housed in a 36 HP-width Eurorack module, the IMAGINATOR VCX-378 has … Continued

The Soft Moon (EB.TV Feature)

Oakland native Luis Vasquez’s The Soft Moon project is a one-man exploration into the darker sides of self-discovery that was first brought to our attention by EB.TV alumni Trentemøller. He’s been compared to bands like Joy Division and supported Depeche Mode live, so we wanted to find out more about this intriguing artist and experience … Continued


Electronic Beats TV takes a step into Ulrich Schnauss’s layered and synth-laden production world on this Slices Tech Talk. As a solo artist, a new addition to Tangerine Dream and a contributor to many collaborative projects, Ulrich has released a number of albums on labels such as Domino, Scripted Realities and City Centre Offices, plus … Continued

Daniel Miller (Electronic Beats TV)

Daniel Miller has earned his place among the most influential figures in the music business from the last three or four decades. Throughout his career, Miller has often showed great vision and an excellent taste in music; he founded the legendary Mute Label, discovered and produced Depeche Mode, signed classic acts like Throbbing Gristle, Fad … Continued

Live Report: EB Festival Bratislava 2013

Electronic Beats hit the Slovakian capital of Bratislava with Hurts, James Pants, Agoria, and Youthkills for a sold-out night of diverse new sounds. The EB team reports from on site.

EB Magazine Spring 2013: Out today

Dave Gahan. Car Audio Bass. The Knife. Karl Bartos. Amanda Brown. Andrey A. Tarkovsky. Holly Herndon. Steven Levy. Sonic Boom. Roedelius. DJ Koze. Terre Thaemlitz. The Spring 2012 issue of Electronic Beats Magazine has arrived, and what an issue it is.

The Week in EB: March 9th, 2013

Once more we’ve hand-selected our favorite features from the last seven days. Time to bring yourself up to speed with the world according to EB.

EB Magazine Winter 2012: Out now

For our cold-weather edition, Electronic Beats Magazine has put together perhaps its most varied issue of 2012, featuring names like Gary Numan, Laurel Halo, Madlib, Grimes… well, perhaps you should take a look and see just what’s in store for you.

The last hundred days…

Discover our favorite articles and events, compiled from the beginning of the first day of’s redesign.

EB Exclusive: Adrian Sherwood mixtape

When UK dub legend Adrian Sherwood announced that he would be releasing his third solo album this summer, many an audiophile’s ears perked up. Sherwood’s work as a producer and remixer for the likes of Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten and Skinny Puppy has long cemented his legacy as … Continued

The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Motor on FluxFM

As we learned in our recent interview with Motor frontman Bryan Black, the guest vocalists on his latest album Man Made Machine (including Depeche Mode‘s Martin Gore and Nitzer Ebb‘s Douglas J. McCarthy) were something of a happy accident. It’s no accident, though, that Black landed on this week’s EB Radio show! Join us for … Continued

Electronic Beats Festival 2012: Sueur de Cologne

Flashback: Berlin, Monday morning, busy calls on the telephone. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince had just called in sick, which meant some creative chaos for the Electronic Beats Cologne Festival booking: how to handle a headliner cancellation situation, how to find a quality replacement for The Kills in a short time, and how to not … Continued

Counting with Mette Lindberg

1. memorable line in a film or song: As a teenager I used to watch Pulp Fiction over and over again, coun- ting toilet scenes, coffee drinking scenes and listening to the sound- track with the dialog intros: “Who’s motorcycle is this?” “It’s a chopper baby.” “Who’s chopper is this?” “It’s Zed’s”. “Who’s Zed?” “Zed’s … Continued

Regis: From Birmingham to Bratislava

In the late ’90s, Subclub (then called U.Club) became one of the most vibrant and important nightspots in the heart of Europe, which had just recently emerged from behind the Iron Curtain. The former underground nuclear bunker was built by the Communists to prepare Western Slovakia for Cold War armageddon. Before reaching the concrete gut … Continued

Pulsinger & Tunakan are Not Invited

In 1993, Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan founded the Viennese label Cheap Records. One year later, two other guys from Vienna named Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister also had the idea to start their own label and G-Stone Recordings was born. While the latter had enormous commercial success culminating in 1998’s The K&D Sessions – … Continued

Tearist create mixtape for Actual Pain

We love listening to Tearist, and we love wearing Actual Pain. Combine the two and it’s a whole lotta love….soaked in bad vibes, of course. The LA band, infamous for their confrontational live shows and brutal synthpunk sounds, have crafted a fantastic mixtape for the Seattle label. With artwork by Denver’s SHAMS, the mix not … Continued

Mark Reeder explores 5.1

Mark Reeder the Manchester born, Berlin based record producer and electronic music svengali who has had a hand in everything from Factory Records European exploration to discovering Paul van Dyke and popularising trance music has a new project called five point one. Featuring tracks from Depeche Mode, Bad Lieutenant (New Order), The Pet Shop Boys … Continued

VCMG – First listen EB Exclusive

As we reported last week, VCMG is the brand new techno project from Depeche Mode founding members Vince Clarke and Martin Gore. Fusing stripped down percussion, Teutonic precision and dank, brutal walls of rhythmic noise, “highly anticipated” is not even close. Gore most notably has shown an increasing interest in the purer strains of techno … Continued

VCMG is Vince Clarke and Martin Gore

  Yes, you read that right. Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yazoo and Erasure has joined forces with one time band mate Martin Gore for a new techno project called VCMG with an album to be released on Mute next Spring. The project was inspired by Clarke’s increasing interest in minimalist techno sounds and when … Continued

10 x 4 – Flowers and Sea Creatures

Flowers and Sea Creatures is the shared nom de plume of Graham Baxter and Kosta Megalos, two Europeans who are now based in Montreal. After hooking up with Ben Watt and his legendary house label Buzzin’ Fly, they released their self titled debut album earlier this year. Opaque and narcotically psychedelic, the album straddles the … Continued

Black Strobe finds Religion on new LP & kickstarts label

Black Strobe mastermind Arnaud Rebotini looks to be bringing us a complete Black Strobe overhaul in 2011. Not only will he be launching his own special imprint called Blackstrobe Records but he will also be releasing a flurry of his own records on the label. Now, the extroverted Frenchman will be putting out a new … Continued

Post-Punk God Stephen Morris Talks Synthesizers And Creation

Stephen Morris of Joy Division and New Order fame has shared some precious insights about his creative process with The Vinyl Factory. This video touches on just about everything, from the idea of a never-ending album to the postmodern conundrum of having too many options. Morris winds up with a sideways tribute to the analog synthesizer, which he describes as being … Continued