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Take A Night Drive With A Synthwave Megamix

Retro-leaning synthwave—it’s the cool genre for wishing it was still the ’80s, but damned if it doesn’t make for a perfect Friday night soundtrack. This recent mix has been burning up the office speakers, so we’re just gonna go ahead and do the “just gonna leave this here” deal. Jack your neon shades to x10 … Continued

Vinyl Megamix: New Beat For Body Heat

The history of Belgian New Beat is one we’ve explored in depth earlier this year (along with veteran DJ Tanith), but if you need a refresher, this all-vinyl mix should get your body movin’! Tracklist: 01. It’s Official – Nous Sommes Responsables 02. Explorers Of The Nile – We Are All Egyptians 03. A Split Second … Continued

Listen To A Megamix of DJ Crystl’s Early Drum and Bass Pressure

DJ Crystl is one of the forgotten heroes of golden era jungle and drum and bass between 1993 and 1998. Tracks like “Meditation” and “Warpdrive” were massive hits back in the day, but for reasons unknown to us DJ Crystl retired from music in the mid-90s, just when drum and bass started to cross over into … Continued

Listen To This Megamix Of A Classic Detroit Techno Label

Red Planet is one of those mystical Detroit-based labels transmitting celestial techno and high tech soul since the early 90s. This mega mix of classic tracks courtesy of The Martian will transport you to Mars and back to Earth again. But beware: “The red planet will appear only when your mind is open.”   Tracklist The … Continued

Listen to a Detroit Techno Megamix

This Detroit techno megamix of Chrissy Murderbot’s finest in a discontinued series of stellar themed sets that also cover digi-dancehall, rasta jungle, ghetto house and more. Find more at My Year of Mixtapes. Rhythim is Rhythim; Strings of Life (Piano Mix) (Transmat, 1987) K.S. Experience; Electronic Dance (KMS / Ten Records, 1988) Model 500; Sound … Continued

Saturdays are for Old School EBM Megamixes

The Oldschool EBM Tape by Damien Rave on Mixcloud Sundays are for acid house megamixes and traditional dance floor tunes. But Saturday—the first full day of weekend is more daring, more out-there, more…EBM. So bring on the Front 242 and the D.A.F. with this old school EBM DJ set.

Fill Your Autumn Days With A Minimal Wave Megamix

Let Robot Scientists ice out your Fall days out with this chilly compilation of minimal synth and coldwave, including modern and classic cuts from Soft Metals, Oppenheimer Analysis, Twice A Man, The Faint (!) and more.

Is This 1958 Track The First Acid House Ever?

Back in the 1950’s, electronics company Philips tried their hand at creating electronic music. The results were… interesting. That is, with the exception of the above track, a jittery cut that resembles acid house almost four decades before it was actually invented. It’s an interesting piece to listen to—just think what would have happened if people started to … Continued

Download This Techno Compilation To Save A Life

Being a techno producer and touring DJ has its fair share of occupational hazards. One such hazard is that illness can absolutely cripple a career. This misfortune has sadly befallen Andreas Gehm, a Cologne-based producer with a variety of rugged techno and house records on labels like Bunker, Crème Organization and Mathematics. In a recent Facebook … Continued

Check Out This Gorgeous Reissue Of A Minimal Wave Classic

It’s hard to truly evaluate the importance of John Bender’s contributions to the history of minimal wave and synth music. For some reason his prolific output from 1978 through 1980 has been mostly neglected outside of a small group of avid record collectors and musicians.Yet his records—and in particular, I Don’t Remember Now—are so prodigious that … Continued

Learn How Scientists Soundtrack Legitimate LSD Experiments

In news that will confirm for music fans what has been a sneaking suspicion since at least the ’60s, clinical neuroscience trials at the Imperial College have detected that LSD makes listeners more emotionally responsive to music. But this brings up an interesting question: What music do these researchers play after dosing their test subjects? Do they just … Continued

Stream This Medieval DJ Mix Of Bygone Party Bangers

Transport yourself to the Middle Ages with “the most rhythmic, upbeat, party medieval music out there, put together in a mix.” (This is according to YouTube user VacnaPaul, who assembled this masterpiece.) Check out the tracklist below and get vibing. Or, for a slightly more modern approach to partying, check out this acid megamix. Tracklist … Continued

Adam X Industrializes Electronic Beats Radio

Last week, Berlin-based New Yorker, Sonic Groove label head and techno monster Adam X invaded Electronic Beats’ studios for a radio takeover. In the hour-long session, he runs us through some of his favorite EBM and industrial tracks from the likes of SPK, Click Click, Clock DVA, The Klinik and T.G.T., to name a few. … Continued

Hessle Audio Finally Announces New Releases

The day has finally come for the ever-provocative and innovative Hessle Audio crew to reveal its forthcoming releases from new signees. Label bosses Pangaea, Ben UFO and Pearson Sound have rolled out clips of all three tracks on a 12″ from a producer called Ploy, and Juno Plus reported that this track “Steals” from Bruce … Continued

Peverelist Uploads Old-School Jungle Mixtape

Bristol-based producer and Livity Sound chief Peverelist drops another mix stuffed with that good old jungle gold. Check out volume one here. Need some more (mega)mixes in your life? Try one of these: Acid / Techno / House / Synthwave / Drum ‘n’ Bass/ EBM / Industrial / Minimal / Goth

Preview Pearson Sound’s Upcoming 12″

It’s no secret that EB has an affinity for Pearson Sound—we assembled an hour-long megamix in his honor earlier this year. Now, on the heels of his self-titled debut LP (which Emika labeled a “boy’s record”), the UK born producer David Kennedy is preparing to self-release a new 12″, Thaw Cycle, on October 16. Stream clips here.

Stream Ben UFO’s 2010 Mixtape for The Trilogy Tapes

Back in 2010, favored selector and Hessle Audio co-founder Ben UFO released a highly limited mixtape through The Trilogy Tapes. Now, five years on, that recording has been made available to stream. “Just spotted that someone’s ripped and uploaded my Trilogy Tape to YouTube in full,” he wrote in a Facebook post earlier today. “Hard to believe this was … Continued

Live Report: Electronic Beats Festival Vienna 2013

EB feels love in Vienna with a night of intense—and intensely fun—music to bring down the curtain on a showstopping EB Festival 2013 season. Love to love you When Saints Go Machine, Laurel Halo, Giorgio Moroder, and Metro Area.