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Burning Man Looked Very Different In 1997

This news report from 1997 shows how much Burning Man has transformed. Last weekend, over 70,000 people celebrated the end of the 20th annual Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. These days, it’s a bona fide cultural establishment that has produced distinctive styles of music, art and fashion and draws celebrities like Katy Perry … Continued

How To Make Your Own Synthesizer

Have you ever hit a brick wall with the limitations of your music-making gear? Now you can design your own custom synthesizer to fit your needs and do your artistic bidding thanks to Reddit users who teamed up to source tips, suggestions, insight and information sources about how to build a “primitive, subtractive, analogue or … Continued

Fans Explain Why They Like Harsh Noise

A Reddit user posed a question that hit home for the EB editorial staff: How do fans of harsh noise appreciate such atrocious sounds? “I’ve been listening to classical my whole life and when introduced to more eccentric music like Stockhausen and Webern, it took me a while but I finally began to like it,” the … Continued

Electronic Beats Writers’ Reflections 2013

For more insight into the people behind Electronic Beats—the ones who voted for our Releases of the Year—we asked our contributors for a list of their own devising and a few words about their year.

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers, Starting today, begins another new and exciting chapter in our quest to become the digital daily for a digital vanguard. First and foremost, expect an even greater emphasis on the voices of the artists themselves from the ever-growing Electronic Beats family. From Bryan Ferry to Underground Resistance, from Apparat to Alva Noto: … Continued

Trentemøller remixes The Drums

It’s pretty easy actually: you follow Electronic Beats on Twitter, Facebook and/or SoundCloud and receive one outstanding track every day right inside your timeline – our ‘EB favourite of the day’. We usually won’t share these editorial recommendations here on the website, but we’ll make an exception today: Trentemøller‘s remix of The Drums‘ new single ‘Days’ … Continued

Grimes, Sepalcure & more touring the EU

The boring stretch of gray skies and broken new years’ resolutions that is January may not be good for much, but at least we have some exciting tours to look forward to! With new bass sensations Sepalcure touring, along with faves like Shlohmo and Salva, James Ferraro, Azari & III, there’s plenty to look forward … Continued

tubalr YouTube Jukebox

It seems we are all addicted to YouTube, but the site’s frontpage is neither nicely designed nor are the ads or recommendations particularly helpful or entertaining. That’s why there’s a new app called tubalr which is here to help you keep up with YouTube and all of the other online services you’ve probably been enjoying … Continued