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Richie Hawtin

In der neuen Folge des Telekom Electronic Beats Podcasts spricht Gesine Kühne vor Publikum mit Richie Hawtin – einem der bekanntesten DJs und Produzenten aller Zeiten. Er teilt seine Erfahrungen aus mehr als 30 Jahren Clubkultur und erzählt vom Wunsch, das Zusammenspiel mit der Crowd kontinuierlich um neue Innovationen zu bereichern. Hawtin blickt darauf zurück, … Continued

Make EQs That Sound Just Like Richie Hawtin’s $3000 Mixer

DJ Tech Tools has the scoop on how to avoid that pesky $3000 stumbling block between you and your very own Richie Hawtin-designed Model 1 DJ mixer. The Hawtin/Rigby-Jones collaboration has had an unreal amount of hype since its official unveiling last week. And while we know you’re probably salivating, we’re going to have to … Continued

Get Under The Hood Of Richie Hawtin’s New 100% Analog Mixer

After drool-inducing appearances at Superbooth and a handful of other tech shows, Richie Hawtin has finally released a video demo of his new baby: a 100% analog mixer called PLAYdifferently. Built from a two-year collaboration with Andy Rigby-Jones (formerly of Allen & Heath), the PLAYdifferently Model 1 blends traditional mixer design with an array of … Continued

Richie Hawtin Explains His Debut Track By Track

In 1993, Richie Hawtin put out Sheet One under his Plastikman moniker, and nothing has been the same in acid music since. To this day, that album remains a mindfucking classic—and it comes to no surprise that rave nerds everywhere have tried to find out what kind of sorcery caused that peak electronic psyched-out masterpiece. The wait … Continued

Richie Hawtin Is Changing DJing As We Know It, Again

In the lead-up to NAMM, Richie Hawtin has been dropping hints about a new instrument he’s launching at the trade show. Apparently, it’ll take the art of DJing and performance to its absolute next level. The product is the result of a collaboration between Hawtin and Andy Rigby-Jones and was developed with Allen & Heath … Continued

Richie Hawtin Drops New Album On Plus 8

Richie Hawtin is going back to where it all began. After dominating the DJ circuit for many years, he grew suspiciously quiet at the start of 2015. Rumor has it that he locked himself in the studio to focus on producing, while toying with some new Roland Aira gear like the TR-8 and TB-3. In … Continued

Richie Hawtin Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Richie Hawtin has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Huddersfield in the UK for his “outstanding contribution to the world of music technology.” The pioneering DJ and producer behind the Plus 8 and M_nus labels has collaborated with music software companies as Native Instruments, Ableton and Subpac and played an instrumental role … Continued

Richie Hawtin goes back to the future

Thanks to our colleagues at Slices we have been enjoying this vintage Richie Hawtin mix from 1989 this morning. Recorded live on the Detroit radio station Power 96 the mix is decidely old skool by today’s standards, but was (obvioulsy) absolutley cutting edge at that time. Tracks from LFO and Bomb The Bass fit next … Continued

Richie Hawtin goes back to the future

Thanks to our colleagues at Slices we have been enjoying this vintage Richie Hawtin mix from 1989 this morning. Recorded live on the Detroit radio station Power 96 the mix is decidely old skool by today’s standards but was (obvioulsy) absoutley cutting edge at the time. Tracks from LFO and Bomb The Bass fit next … Continued

Richie Hawtin: Win dvd copies of rare Slices documentary

Our team recently dug into their crates to unearth some fine material. The Slices special issue Pioneers of Electronic Music Vol. 1, which is now available on Electronic Beats’ youtube channel, gives a deep insight into the work of Richie Hawtin and his development as electronic music producer. Yet the old G4 PowerBooks in … Continued

Ask The Producer: Kenny Larkin (Electronic Beats TV)

Next on Telekom Electronic Beats TV’s Ask The Producer Series we have Kenny Larkin. As part of the second wave of Detroit techno producers, his musical legacy holds worldwide relevance. Debuting on Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 imprint in 1990, he then went on to produce his first album, entitled “Azimuth”, for Warp records in 1994, … Continued

What is the future of electronic music instruments? (Electronic Beats TV)

We asked innovative companies like Elektron, Arturia, Novation, Erica Synths, Bastl Instruments and Verbos Electronics as well as artists and notable thinkers like Richie Hawtin, Stimming, Henrik Schwarz, Tim Exile and CDM’s Peter Kirn for their thoughts on how we’ll make electronic music in the future, and if there might be something revolutionary on the … Continued

Beyond the Turntable: How Tech is Changing DJing (Electronic Beats TV)

How is technology transforming the craft of DJing? We reached out to key players like Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien, Steffi and more to find out how tech has changed DJing, as well as what comes next in the special ‘Beyond the Turntable’ feature on Telekom Electronic Beats TV.

Some of the biggest names in electronic music

Over the years Telekom Electronic Beats TV has met some of the biggest names in electronic music. Legends, visionaries, old school, new school, you name it. Artists like DJ Hell, Laurent Garnier, Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Dixon, Magda and a ton more. Our question is, who will be next to enter this esteemed … Continued

This Video Is About Moby’s Time As A New York Club Kid

Moby takes a trip down memory lane in a documentary that covers his life in ’90s New York. Moby has been a busy boy. Just in case you need a refresher: He recently opened a vegan restaurant in LA, he’s just published an autobiography (it covers his early years as an artist in New York), … Continued

What Can We Do To Stop Drug-Related Deaths At Raves?

Magnetic Mag has posted a short roundup of some of the efforts to decrease the number of deaths that have happened at EDM concerts in the last year. DanceSafe (pictured above via DanceSafe) and other likeminded groups provide information about common rave drugs and pill-testing kits, while major festival promoters like Insomniac and HARD have increased … Continued

Listen To An Aphex Twin Track On A Nina Kraviz Compilation

Last month, we reported 😉 😛 that Nina Kraviz’s label трип would feature Aphex Twin track “P-string” on a forthcoming compilation titled When I Was 14. The track first aired during Richard D. James’ second Peel Session in 1995 and wound up on SoundCloud, where Kraviz presumably plucked it from the mass of other unreleased material and secured the rights … Continued

Tech Talk: Magda (Electronic Beats TV)

Magda takes you into her studio and shows the set-up and processes she uses to make music in this Telekom Electronic Beats TV Tech Talk. Since moving away from Richie Hawtin’s Minus camp Magda has continued to push the boundaries with her music, and you can get the tips as to how it’s done right … Continued

Listen To All Of Aphex Twin’s Tracks At Once

When fresh Aphex Twin-related infotainment appears on the internet, we usually start our feed posts about it with a tongue-in-cheek comment about SEO paradise and “Richard D. James Does Something” headline jokes. Today we’re feeling a little more meta, so we wrote about how we usually write about that in order to write some extra words … Continued

A Behind-The-Scenes Electronic Dance Music Documentary

Watch this short documentary about the Amsterdam Dance Event, with producers Joris Voorn, KiNK, Armin van Buuren, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Don Diablo, Dave Clarke, Tommie Sunshine and innovators Dave Smith, Matthew Adell, Shailendra Singh, Chris Howe and more. Get behind the scenes with a first-hand view into the process of production, distribution and consumption in … Continued

Listen: Ben Klock Essential Mix

This weekend techno demi-god Ben Klock dropped a much-anticipated Essential mix for BBC Radio 1. While it features plenty of hefty slabs of capital-T Techno from imprints like Mote-Evolver and Peacefrog, the mix has a welcome abundance of classic rave sounds from artists like Cajmere and Plus 8-era Richie Hawtin. From the sounds of the recording the crowd … Continued

The Costs of Paying Artists

In the wake of anti-GEMA protests in 2012, the means of collecting and distributing royalties is changing worldwide. How do we fairly compensate artists?

Free VIP tickets will MELT! your heart

Experienced festival goers know all about it: Melt! festival, the annual gathering of open air music fans from all over the world at Gräfenhainichen’s ‘city of steel’ Ferropolis. Not only does this three-day-festival (July 13-15, 2012) have a one-of-a-kind location next to abandoned bucket-wheel excavators, stackers, and bucket chain excavators, but it also has a … Continued

10 x 4 – Portable Sunsets

Here some gorgeous new sounds by Califonia-raised, NYC-based bedroom musician Peter Segerstrom, with hints of Frisco’s Tycho and our local (Berlin) hero Apparat. Segerstrom has already opened for Matthew Dear, Richie Hawtin, Plaid, John Tejada, and The Field. Under his Portable Sunsets moniker he’s also done studio work with Richard Devine, Venitian Snare, Alva Noto … Continued

New Clown & Sunset compilation comes in a cube

Clown & Sunset, the record label of Nicolas Jaar, are preparing a new compilation that does not come on one of the normal vinyl, CD, or digital formats. The compilation, which contains 12 tracks from the likes of Valentin Stip, Pavla & Noura and Jaar himself, is housed in an aluminium box that you connect … Continued

Make your Mecca Melt!

Oh summer festivals! You know we love the festival season and there simply can’t be more fun than working on a festival review, whilst getting ecstatic on the dancefloor. Every summer we look forward to one extraordinary festival which is held close to Berlin, in Gräfenhainichen’s industrial park Ferropolis. It’s the MELT! festival aka the … Continued

The Radio Sessions – Electronic Beats On Air with Hobo on FluxFM

Hobo is not quite the name one might expect from a producer signed to Ritchie Hawtin‘s successful M-nus imprint. And then again, it might be quite appropriate, as the Candanian producer now releases his debut album Iron Triangle: since 2008, Joel Boychuk has released just one single and a bunch of tracks – which is … Continued

Nicolas Jaar works From Scratch in New York

Nicolas Jarr will be taking part in a five hour live, multi-discipline performance at New York’s MoMA PS1 next month. From Scratch is presented in collaboration with Clown & Sunset Aesthetics, which is the “interdisciplinary culture house” Jarr runs with filmmaker Noah Kraft. The five hour show will see Will Epstein, Sasha Spielberg and Dave … Continued

Laurel Halo joins Mute sub-label Liberation Technologies

Mute have started a new electronic music sub-label called Liberation Technologies which will be run by Patrick O’Neill. The first release is by King Felix, aka Lauren Halo, and will be aimed squarely at the dance-floor. Mute have a bulging back catalogue of esoteric dance music (Fad Gadget to Richie Hawtin basically) and look set … Continued

Who’s want to fly to BerMuDa?

Taking place in November of this year is BerMuDa, which is short for Berlin Music Days – a week long event that takes in over 30 locations with lectures, workshops and exhibitions on electronic music, technology and culture as well as (of course) parties in the evening. The culmination of the event which takes place … Continued

MINUS adventures in Berlin’s woods

Everybody in Germany agrees: this summer isn’t the summer most people expected it to be. Too much rain, too cloudy and not enough sun. Which doesn’t mean the bad weather has stopped people from going to festivals and open airs, it was just a major turnoff. Fingers crossed then that next weekend will see better … Continued

Label Feature: MINUS RECORDS

“We believe in what we’re doing, and we believe that the people will come with us — not always the same people. But we’re on a mission and we’ll find people who feel connected to that mission.” (Richie Hawtin) — M_NUS RECORDS label feature, taken from Slices Issue 3-08.

Subotage’s Csikidampresso on Bulldozer’s Compilation

Co-founder of the promoter team NVC and resident of the clubnight Casino Bangkok, Subotage has been a master of music softwares from an early age. Recently Bulldozer Records, an Italian label, hunted him down and gave him the opportunity to create his first release. Bulldozer Records selected Subotage’s Csikidampresso for their current compilation which was … Continued