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A mini Margaret Dygas

Published on May 2, 2011 16:34 Berlin Time
A mini Margaret Dygas

Margaret Dygas the DJ, and more recently conceptual techno artist, is to release a ‘mini-album’ through Perlon. Self-titled and just 45 minutes long the album will be available on both CD and vinyl and like (almost) all Perlon releases will feature Double Standard‘s iconic text based artwork.

After earning her stripes as an in demand DJ (she was a Panorama Bar resident) Dygas released her debut LP How do you Do? on Powershovel Audio earlier this year. Inspired by the Desmond Morris book People Watching, it was an assured and smart debut, that worked both with and against the constraints of a techno full-length.

We are intrigued and excited to hear what she does for Perlon