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A-Z with Azari & III: Fritz

Published on December 5, 2011 15:59 Berlin Time

A-Z with Azari & III: Fritz Fritz Helder is one half of Azari & III’s dancing and singing division and we pinned him down to extract the complete insight into his mind – all the way from A to Z.

A All Night Long

B Because I want to

C Crazy because I cannot help it
D Distracted by the Noise

E Electrauma
F Fame

G Get into the groove

H Helder
I Incorporated
J Justify

K Kid Glove

L Little big boy
M Morgen
N No rest for the wicked
O Optimism
P Paradox
Q Question
R Rest
S Sex

T Teases
U Usually
V Visually
W Waste of Time

Y Yello Fever

Z FritZ