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ACUO: the city speaks

Published on October 11, 2011 14:22 Berlin Time

ACUO: the city speaks A cosmic module lands in the middle of hustle and bustle of a non-descript 21st century city (let’s make it Prague). It observes the outside world, an onslaught of sounds and visual stimuli for the senses, through its six microphones and three cameras. The recorded audiovisual material is subsequently transmitted inside where it is projected and replayed on its walls utilizing an intricate LED system.

What’s more, the city sounds are also transmitted via FM radio waves to acuo’s website where they are stored for “future generations” – if there are any left after 2012 that is. It is meant to be an interactive installation where passers-by can engage and record sounds with highly sensitive directional microphones (periscopes). Anyone can become a field recorder, stopping still for a second in the midst of hi-octane city life to listen and observe.

The installation is a collaboration of several Prague-based artists – the photographer Michal Šeba, sound artists Stanislav Abrahám (together they make up the music project Data-Live), fashion label Sistersconspiracy, Edit! Architecture Studio and others. The production of the module was handled by former aircraft engineer Libor Štych.

The installation is on display until 29 October at Namesti Republiky in Prague. There is a “Silent Concert” planned with several Czech musicians on the last day of the exhibition.