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AKA AKA invite you to the Varieté

Published on April 13, 2011 12:29 Berlin Time
AKA AKA invite you to the Varieté

When living in or near Berlin it’s nearly impossible to not get in touch with production duo AKA AKA, one of the German capital’s most well known techno live acts. Now they’re preparing the release of their new album Varieté on their own imprint Burlesque Musique.

Varieté will hit the streets on May 27th and the duo’s debut is a collaboration with trumpet player Thalstroem – which is why we expect a more song based, rather than dancefloor-orientated, album. The album will also contain a cover of Portishead’s ‘The Rip’ (off the album ‘Third’). AKA AKA’s take on the track comes in collaboration with Austrian singer Betty Lenard.

AKA AKA will release the first single ‘Springtide’ on May 16th and you can listen to a preview of the new track below. In the meantime check out their contribution to the Berlin techno documentary ‘After Hours’ (German only, though) or get your hands on the sixth release ‘Conquer the Night‘ on Burlesque Musique by umami, who also features on one of the album tracks.