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alice mange son coeur: You’re In My Blood

Published on August 12, 2011 15:44 Berlin Time

alice mange son coeur: You’re In My Blood alice mange son coeur is barely out of its infancy and it already has a 16-track compilation under its belt. The Prague imprint’s roster is not geo-specific, rather sourced from the limitless sonic hatchery that is the internet. Spice Mouse, an Estonian songstress with a penchant for fragile melodies, industrial pop flavoured Doe Eyes from Canada, a British singer/songwriter KEEL HER and distorted American electronician Feel Flesh all contribute with four tracks each. The four producers differ not only in origin but also in stylistic expression yet together carve out a specific aural aesthetics that is the heart and soul of this label.

You’re In My Blood by _alice mange son cœur