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Altered Natives to release new compilation

Published on March 1, 2011 16:11 Berlin Time
Altered Natives to release new compilation

Eye4Eye Recordings have announced they will be releasing their first album compilation for the label this 2011, presented by none other than Altered Natives.

The compilation called The Guild of Synchronists, is a collection of works from a group of artists who some of you will know of, and some you will not know of, as yet, but all of whom Altered Natives think you will most definitely hear much more from in 2011 and beyond. All the artist featured on the compilation will no doubt be making some impact on on Eye4Eye over the coming years. You have been warned.

Form listening to the promo copy we can tell you it is quite impressive to say the least, and a tour-de-force of futuristic bass music, drums and sonic rhythms.

1. Tom Ellis feat. Lizzy B – Accidental Daydream
2. At One – A Possible Lover
3. Funksta – Arena
4. El Sudor – Hermit
5. At One – Squuaalar
6. Ceramic – The Message
7. Altered Natives – 18 Ghost Hands
8. Misery Peat – The Hyde
9. Altered Natives – Goodbye
10. Grayz – Dubskank
11. DD Black – Charge
12. Slaughter Mon – Heebie Jeeb

The Guild of Synchronists will be available April 4th on Eye4Eye Recordings.