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Anbuley actually lives in Austria

Anbuley actually lives in Austria It really feels great listening to music that expands your horizons, but comes with neither the awful smell of incense sticks nor the seemingly omnipresent Diplo. Lucky for us, this is exactly what you can expect when listening to Vienna-born (but rooted in Ghana) artist Anbuley.

She’s already put out her second EP, released under Viennese Indie label Seayou Records, titled Kemo’ Yoo Keke. It’s not the sound you would expect from Ilias and his guys, considering their preference for Indie-Guitar-bands, but they’ve once again made a point of having unique and exquisite taste for new artists. Anbuley’s sound can be best described as a mixture of world music – which means, in this case, African beats – and European dance music. I’m sure you’re wondering how in the world those two can be put together to make fun, cool music, and the best way to soothe your doubts is also the simplest: go out and listen to it for yourself. The proof’s all there.

Published March 01, 2012.