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Andras Toth strikes the keys

Published on July 20, 2011 20:43 Berlin Time

Andras Toth strikes the keys Pairing piano and electronic music comes naturally to Andras Toth. He releases his materials on a Detroit label for minimal house and techno, but there is always an echo of the classical music in his work. Toth has a jazz and classic piano background, but he became addicted to electronic music during his stay in London, after moving back he and Nora Naughty founded Polymorphin in 2004. Their debut was a huge success and landed them on the Berlin label Schnallschnelle. In 2010 Toth released a solo EP called ‘Us’ on Alphahouse Records, and his ‘Futures’ EP came out in January 2011, with the B-side featuring his talented piano-playing.

Check out his latest live set:

And his piano talent: