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Aphex Twin. Enough said.

Published on February 10, 2012 16:16 Berlin Time

Aphex Twin. Enough said. Canadian mixmaster Funky Jeff has just dropped his latest mix. After some chilled out, IDM-ish ambient selections and a great mix on the oevre of The Orb, Jeff’s now struck back with a mixtape honoring the inventing force of what we know as progressive, electronic music. Yes, it’s all about Aphex Twin. And as this mix is over three hours long, you’ll have the ultimate chance to listen to a good dose of Richard D. James output, which crucifyingly stopped long time ago. But you know, we still live with the hope that one day Richard will come out of his house and present some fantastic new tunes. Until then catch him at any music festival you can reach. It might be the last chance. Now, lean back and enjoy a trip to the sound of Aphex Twin below: