Telekom Electronic Beats

Francesco Tristano

Classical pianist and techno producer, Francesco Tristano, works within a broad spectrum, bridging polar opposites in music, and as a result comes away with a rare and untamed aesthetic. As a student at Juliard in New York City, Tristano found an unlikely passion for techno music. He continued to hone his classical skills while experimenting with electronic compositions as well. Finding a familiar energy in the two genres, he started releasing his own work, introducing the piano as a sampler and a synthesizer on his 2008 release Auricle Bio On. Following that, he released Idiosynkrasia in 2010 and re-characterized his sound as “piano 2.0” due to the duality that he now brought to the instrument. With an intense groove and rare electronic textures, Tristano provides a vision of classical and techno combined that the world has rarely heard before.