Grizzly, DJ & producer from Berlin, startet in the early 90ies to produce his own music, back in the days with just an old 909 & a lousy 303. In 2002, he started to take over DJ booths too, and since then he released hundreds of DJ mixes under his moniker GrizzlyMix. The range of these sets, mixing all styles of music with a Bud Spencer attitude of “I like it, I play it”, earned him fans from all over the world. Throughout the years Grizzly has played almost every club in Berlin, from Panorama Bar/Berghain to Watergate, Bar25/Kater Holzig and Salon zur wilden Renate. Gigs in international clubs in London, St. Petersburg, Paris, Barcelona, Zurich, and at festivals like Fusion, Melt, and MS Dockville ensued. His own annual event named “GrizzlyNation” has become a legendary gathering of musicians & fans. In 2015, he took a break from DJing to focus on his forthcoming (hardware only!) live shows.