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HDMIRROR, courtesy of the artist

A rogue electronic music futurist who uses trance and gabber to move past nostalgia

Brutal, wild and hyper-intelligent only goes so far in describing the music of HDMIRROR. The Berlin-based South African has developed a cult following thanks to releases like Adrenalin¬†and Avant-Trance, which mixed gabber and trance tropes with ’90s rave imagery, IDM sound design and an ethos related to the so-called “deconstructed club” movement.

Central to HDMIRROR’s worldview is the energy he experienced as a part of Cape Town’s rave scene in the late ’90s. Instead of trying to recreate these times nostalgically, he transmutes the period’s kinetic momentum into high-octane music that sounds genuinely fresh and contemporary.

In 2018, his multimedia barrages at CTM Festival’s now-famous “Adrenalin” gabber and hardcore party at Berghain and at Unsound Festival established him as regular fixture at some of the most forward-thinking events in the electronic music world.

As an artist, HDMirror is building a reputation for strange musical turns, a hyper-energetic sense of humor and a total disregard for conformity.